The Importance of History

I enjoyed history very much in high school and college. To some, history is rather boring. I think the teacher can make a difference. What can a person do with history as a career? I did pretty well in history class too. Now it’s time for a little history lesson!

As you know there are those who are out there to either destroy the history of this country or rewrite it. It’s all over the news! They are defacing our historical monument or tearing them down. Those on the Left are backing them up as well.

First of all, they want to get rid of Columbus Day; because they felt that he mistreated the Native Americans when he discovered America. They want to eliminate his statue as well as other statues; such as Robert E. Lee.

I can understand Robert E. Lee; since he was the general for the South during the Civil War. But that is still a part of America’s history. We have to learn to take the bad with the good.

They even protest Lewis and Clark, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, etc. They said that Jefferson had slaves. Back then, who didn’t had slaves. Slavery was a part of our history until the Civil War in the 1860’s thanks to Abraham Lincoln.

Let us talk about the Civil War in our history. The Democrats don’t want this out and even would rather rewrite this part of history. It was the Democrats who didn’t want to free the slaves. They didn’t want to lose their property. They call Pres. Trump a racist. But did you know that KKK was founded by the Democratic party?

The Democrats want people to believe that they are the party for the blacks. What have they done for the blacks anyway? They would rather keeps them in poverty and slaves to the government.

There are many who doesn’t believe that the holocaust ever existed. I doubt that it is taught in school anymore. I remembered studying the holocaust in high school, and the teacher showing a holocaust movie that we watch all day in the school auditorium, getting out of the other classes that day. Just ask the Jews about it, and they will tell you that it’s not fiction.

Ilhan Omar, congresswoman from Minnesota even said about the attack on 9/11, “Bad people did what!” She’s in denial about what her people did back in 2001.

Today’s teachers are trying to rewrite history by only teaching what they want to teach and leave out the truth in our history.

When Hitler was in control of Germany at the beginning of World War 2, not only did he set out to destroy the Bibles by burning them. He also set out to destroy any history of Germany.

Now Hitler was an evil dictator and push for Socialism in Germany. The Democrats compared Trump to Hitler; when in reality, they are pushing for Socialism in this country. They are the ones who are trying to rewrite history. Even though they are accusing Trump of doing it. They are trying to rewrite the Constitution as well.

The Democrats is looking at packing the Supreme Court if Amy Coney Barrett get approve before the election. They felt that Trump should waited until after the election. When Biden and Harris were asked about this, they refused to answered. Throughout Biden’s years in Washington, he was in favor of packing the court. Do we actually want him and the Democrats to get away with rewriting the Constitution and history?

Now even the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is looking at rewriting the 25th Amendment. She said that it has nothing to do with Trump. She is also thinking ahead, in case, God forbids, Biden get elected. She even said, if that does happen, they could declare him unfit because of his mental health and then Kamala Harris could become president.

Now who’s unfit besides Biden to be in office? I think that there is something wrong with Nancy Pelosi as well.

Do we really wants the Democrats to rewrite history and the Constitution? If you really are patriotic like I am, you will say, “Hell no!”, and vote Republicans and for Trump this election.

The reasons they give for wanting to destroy our history, is they want to leave something better for the next generation.

We have to learn to accept the bad part of our history with the good. We don’t have to like it; but it’s our history.

Without us learning the history of this great country of ours, we will be doom to repeat it. If we don’t learn from history, we will make the same mistake over again. By studying our history is the only way we can keep from making the same mistakes.