Natural Home Remedy vs. Poison

It’s that time of year again. This is the time of year that the medical profession and others suggest that you get your flu shot.

I’m here to tell you it’s poison for your body. There are better remedies than the flu shot. This book that I’m holding up gives you at least 3 home remedies.

How many remembered what your mother did for you when you were sick or what she suggested?

I remembered my mother would greased my neck with Vick’s vapor rub and then wrapped my dad’s sock around my neck while I slept. She also suggested drinking 7Up to soothes our stomach.

We all know that Orange Juice is good to combat the flu. But do you know that the acid in Orange juice will cause kidney stones? I was surprised when I asked a doctor about it and they told me that.

Years ago, people would use natural home remedy to combat the flu or any sickness; and our immune system was much better back then. You didn’t hear much about getting the flu shot like you do now. The reason: we are putting too much poison into our bodies. It is weakening our immune system to the point that we cannot fight illness, unless we continue putting more poison into our body and get the flu shot. We have become a nation of unhealthy people with weaken immune system. No wonder the Coronavirus had become a big threat for us all!

I will talk about the 3 natural home remedy that is in the title of this book that I’m holding.

First of all Honey is a more natural and healthier substitute for eating heathier than using sugar. Of course, it must be natural organic honey.

People who are diabetic can use honey and it will be way better for them. Sugar isn’t good for someone who is a diabetic.

Honey is a complex collection of enzymes, plant pigments, organic acids, esters, antibiotic agents. It’s best to always use “raw” or unpasteurized honey.

Honey will help with stomach problems, healing wounds, weight loss, athletic performance, antiseptic and antibiotic, laxative.

Like I said, even people who are diabetic can use honey; just like they can also eat Angel Food cake, without frosting of course.

Now vinegar can also be use as a natural home remedy to better your health. True Apple Cider Organic vinegar is good to prevent getting kidney stones and for losing weight. Here are some that vinegar can help with: acne, age spots, arthritis, athlete’s foot, burns/sunburns, chapped skin, congestion relief, corns eliminated from your feet, headache, your heart, sore throat and fever. These are just a few.

Since taking a teaspoon of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar a day, I haven’t had kidney stones. Now I had them twice and they are painful.

You must make sure that you are taking the true organic apple cider vinegar though.

We all know that garlic will keeps the vampires away. But do you know that eating garlic is also good for your heart? Garlic will also help reduces and stabilizes blood pressure, prevent and reverse stroke, fight infection and cancer, detox you, asthma fighter, strengthen your immune system.

Since the start of this pandemic, I have been using more garlic. I also have been taking ginger roots and elderberry syrup to strengthen my immune system to keep me healthy and my immune system strong; so that I can fight off the Coronavirus. Even my chiropractor told me that my immune system is good.

If you have any others natural home remedies that either your mother or grandmother told or did for you, you are welcome to share it. These are only some of natural home remedy to take rather than get the flu shot; and shoot yourself full of poison.

If it worked back then, why can’t it still works today?

If I didn’t works where I work, I wouldn’t get the flu shot. But because I do, I have no choice if I want to keep my job until I retire.

If you are like me and have no choice in not getting the flu shot; there are ways to dilute that poison from your body. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar will dilute the poison because it’s a detox.

So what is it going to be? Are you going to put poison into your body by getting the flu shot or go the natural home remedy route? Are you going to strengthen your immune system or weaken it; and make yourself sicker? The choice is yours!