The Lost Prince

Over 20-some years, the world lost Lady Diana in a car accident while in Paris, France. She was being chased by the paparazzi. To this date, the paparazzi hadn’t served time for murdering Diana; and they should have. If they weren’t chasing her, she wouldn’t had been killed tragically in a car accident.

Not only did the world lose a princess in Diana; her sons, Prince Williams and Prince Harry wouldn’t had lost their mother while they were young boys.

Prince William looks like Diana, while Prince Harry looks like Prince Charles. Whereas, Harry was more like Diana in personality.

These 2 Prince’s hadn’t a chance to really grieve over the lost of their mother. They had to deal with her death quickly and move on. Prince William, being the oldest was more apt to get over his mother’s death. Whereas, Prince Harry, somehow, wasn’t able to get over her death as easily.

It didn’t help much having a grandmother like Queen Elizabeth. She’s a tough cookie and she expected her kids and grandkids to toll the mark, if they are to carry on their royal duties.

Prince Charles wasn’t much help in their grieving process. He was rather stoic; plus he soon was involved with Camilla, who became his second wife. Camilla was the love of Prince Charles; but she was married to someone else and that was a major royal scandal. He was ordered to married Diana, since she was young and could gives him heirs.

Since Prince William and Prince Harry was young boys when their mother was killed, they both had to get over their mother’s untimely death; if they were to carry on their royal duties, years later. They were being groomed by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

Much as the same way as John F. Kennedy Jr, and Caroline Kennedy were being groomed by the Kennedys for big political things, John Jr more than Caroline. Queen Elizabeth is very much similar to Rose Kennedy, a strict disciplinary. Even Jacqueline Kennedy was strict when it came to her kids. John Jr. was being groomed by her and the Kennedys for political reasons.

Prince William, Prince Harry, John Jr, and Caroline have commonalty with each other. They were young kids when Diana and Pres. Kennedy was killed. Plus they were being groomed.

Now Prince Harry has bright red hair. He was also a bit of a wild child compared to Prince William. He had been known to party hard and sowed his wild oats. He was grieving the loss of his mother in his own way. He didn’t have the same demeanor as his brother.

Prince Harry met and married Megan Markle; who was a Hollywood actress from Canada. And they have a son, Prince Archie. They gave up their royal duties and left England. They first moved to Canada, then to Hollywood.

The media was also hard on Megan and blamed her for Harry leaving his legacy. Now Harry did one thing that Prince Charles never did for Diana; and that was stand up for her against the media and paparazzi. Harry has more balls than his father ever did; and you have to admire him for that.

I believe that Prince Harry remembered the hell his mother went through, and didn’t want his wife to go through the same hell.

Some say that their marriage probably wouldn’t last.

No parents should have to buried a child. Anymore, than young children have to grow up without their parents. Don’t get me wrong, losing a parent when you are older is hard; but not as hard as it is on young children.

Prince William and Prince Harry needed their mother, and she was taken from them to soon. Prince Harry never had a chance to grieve properly over the lost of his mother.

So instead of judging him for his wildness; try a little sympathy.

To those whose parents are still alive, give them a call to let them know how much you love and appreciate them for all they have done.