I like winning-how about you?

Do you remember when Donald Trump said back in 2016, “You are going to get so sick of winning?”

It’s 4 years later, and I’m here to tell you that I’m not sick of winning. Matter of fact, I’m enjoying winning; since Trump was elected President in 2016. Because I’m enjoying winning so much, I will gladly vote to reelect Trump in 2020.

As Charlie Sheen had said years ago in one of his stupor, “WINNING!”

A little confession though: Trump wasn’t my first choice in 2016. I originally wanted Dr. Ben Carson. The reason, he wasn’t part of the establishment, he was a self-taught man, he was for term limits for those in Congress and the Senate.

I have to admit since Trump came across as a bully, I was scared of him. He’s very brass like Ronald Reagan. The only difference Reagan had more tact.

The Established Republicans wanted Jeb Bush and I didn’t want another Bush as President. Matter of fact, I didn’t wanted George W. Bush in 2000. I voted for Elizabeth Dole in that election. I almost didn’t vote in 2004.

When these non-establishment Republicans were beating out the Establishment in 2016; I was glad to vote Republican once again. So I got the Trump train and I’m glad I did.

People get ready, for the Trump train is a coming! You better get on board if you want to be on the winning team.

I know that the title sounds like a cheer at a pep rally.

Since Trump was first elected in 2016, he set out to keep his promises by making America great again. He lifted a lot of regulations to bring back manufacturer jobs. He started building the border walls between United States and Mexico. Unemployment rates was at it’s lowest for all Americans. He got rid of NAFTA. He done more for Christians and Jews alike. At the same time, he didn’t discriminate against the Muslims.

Remember, it was the Muslim radical that was terrorist. A true Muslims are peace loving.

Pres. Trump is now up for a Nobel Peace Prize. Most recently, he was responsible for bringing the embassy back to Jerusalem and for the peace treaty with Israel. The people in Israel loves Trump.

He appointed Conservative judges to the Supreme Court and turning it in favor of Conservatism. Thus, the Christians churches are endorsing him for his second term.

He has been making America great again; and we want him to keep making America great again.

Since 2016, Pres. Trump been very good to me. My investments had grown. I was able to jump from sinking ship at Kmart before they closed. My future looks bright, I have to wear shades. I’m actually looking forward to retirement; whereas before Trump, I was wondering if I would ever be able to retire.

He has been busy draining the swamp in Washington DC. He still got a lot of work to do.

When the Coronavirus was first in China, he ordered, “no traveling to China and back!” Joe Biden, his fellow Democrats, and the mainstream news media laughed at him and said that he shouldn’t had done that.

He may came across as a bully; but we need a strong leader to stand up against the enemies. As Teddy Roosevelt said, “Walk softly and carry a big stick.”

Even the union for the police are endorsing Trump in 2020. There’s even Democrats who walked away from the party to support Trump; because they don’t like Biden and these Progressive Left of the party.

Think about it: Joe Biden been hiding out in his basement during this Pandemic; whereas Trump had not let fear stop him.

Just think, if Biden becomes President, we would go backward. I don’t know about you but I rather goes forward and continue the good things Trump has been doing.

Biden wants to reinstate Obamacare. I’m here to tell you that Obamacare was a bad joke. Sure we needed a better healthcare system; but the Democrats didn’t read the bill before they passed it. I was penalized twice because of Obamacare. One year, for not having health insurance for a year. Another year, for having too much health insurance; after being hired at Sanford.

Biden been in office for around 47 years and what did he accomplish in that time. Not a damn thing! Trump did more in his first term than Biden did in 47 years.

Joe Biden is part of the Establishment, the problems in Washington DC.

Under President Obama, Joe Biden and his son, Hunter was involved with the scandal with Ukraine; that the Democrats in Congress tried to impeach Trump for.

I wouldn’t doubt that Biden has either dementia or Alzheimer. He can’t remember what he said or did. He might forget that he’s president and do something stupid, causing a war.

It seems that these Progressive Left, who wants Socialism are controlling Biden. Biden is just a puppet to these Socialist. Kamala Harris could become president if Biden was elected and something was to happen to him. Either through death or him being put into a home.

So you see, it’s Capitalist vs. Socialist.

If Biden and the Democrats gets in, they will defund the police and take away our guns by issuing gun control. The only ones that will have guns will be the criminals. How will us good citizens protect ourselves?

This is why the police is endorsing Trump!

I could go on and on in my support of President Trump. I think you got the message.

Do you want to go backward or forward? Do you want Socialism in this country? Do you want higher taxes and no police to protect us? Do you want Obamacare again?

If you want to continue moving forward, you will join me in reelecting Pres. Trump in 2020. If you want the wall built, you will vote for Trump. If you want to protect your investments, you will vote for Trump. If you want to continue draining the swamp, you will vote for Trump. To keep America great again, we must reelect Trump in 2020.

The Trump train is a coming; it’s time to get on board!

Go Trump!! 4 more years of Donald Trump! Remember, he’s not the bully. He’s not the reason for the hate in this country. It’s those Trump-haters such as ANTIFA, the Democrats, and the mainstream news media. He’s only defending himself.

We need a strong leader to make America great again.

Even the religious leaders back in Jesus’ days hated Jesus like those who hate Trump.