Grandpa voted Democrat and he been dead

This title comes from a Ray Steven’s song by the same title. Hopefully, you’ll understand why I chose this title.

How many of you have been having difficulty with your mail service?

The first post office was founded by Benjamin Franklin. Then as the United States grew outward from the 13th colonies, the mail service was known as the pony express.

You can laugh at that now, knowing what you may know now. Now the mail service is known as “Snail mail.”

We have been having problems with our mail service for a long time. It’s nothing new and nothing really been done about it.

You could say the big problem with our mail service is the fact that people are choosing to go paperless and green. They are choosing to pay their bills online. Your paycheck is being direct deposit, and so is your Social Security checks and tax refunds. The mail service can’t compete with that; thus they are struggling today. People doesn’t write letters anymore. It’s all pretty much done through e-mails instead. Years ago, people would send Christmas cards through the mail.

How many sends Christmas cards now? Not as many as years ago. No one has the time to do that.

It’s dangerous to pay your bills online or bank online or on your smartphone; but more people do it than ever before.

I’m not saying that it wasn’t dangerous paying your bills through the mail. But at least it was much easier to keep track of your checking balance.

It’s a Federal crime to mess with someone’s mails, but proving it is very tough to do. For example: years ago, I have had 2 checks that I written out for payments on 2 different bills stolen. How I noticed was through my bank statement. When I went to the bank, they caught the error by noticing someone cross out who I written the check out to and put another place instead. They called the police. That person was never caught; it just cost me.

Let’s get to the title and the real reason for this blog and the connection to the Ray Steven’s song.

This election we have a pandemic that may force people to vote by mail instead of in person at the voting place. The Democrats would very much love for people to vote absentee. Pres. Trump is concern because he feared that there may be mail fraud and cheating.

In past elections, when results were close, you have heard that there were still absentees ballots yet still to be counted.

This election may take awhile in getting the results as well. At the same time, there may be some who may not vote at all. The reason for not voting is because they don’t care for Trump or Biden.

I mean, in 2004, I almost didn’t vote because I didn’t care for both George W. Bush and John Kerry.

If the Democrats send absentees ballots to everyone, and there is some who will not vote because they don’t like neither candidates, what will happens to the ballots. If the ballots isn’t shredded, just thrown in the garbage, could anyone take the ballot and vote for whoever they want then? Could anyone put any names they want on the ballot, even someone who may be dead?

Let’s say the mail delivery person sees that you are a Trump’s supporter by your yard’s signs. They could somehow see to it that your ballot get lost somehow. How can you prove otherwise? I know it’s a Federal crime; but proving it is very difficult.

The best way to avoid election fraud is that everyone must have a voter ID or driver license to prove they are who they say they are. I mean, we have the right to vote, and they can’t discriminate.

The only ones who can’t vote is a felon, at least for a few years. Illegal immigrants cannot legally vote either. The Democrats don’t like that at all; so they somehow arrange for the illegal immigrants to get an ID to vote.

Sometimes proving that a person is dead takes time and lots of paperwork. I don’t know how long it took my folks to prove that my grandmother Clara was dead to stop her social security check.

At the same time, after my grandfather was killed by a train, his social security check should had went to my mother and her baby sister, since they were still living at home. Yet, they never received it; instead it somehow went to another member of the family.

So how do we fix the problems with the mail service? How do we prevent not only mail fraud but election fraud and cheating by the Democrats?

I mean, if Pres. Trump tries to do anything now, he will be accuse of trying to fix the election himself.

The only real solution is that everyone must have a voter ID or driver license to prove they are who they say they are.

Another way to possible prevent election fraud is have voting polls open so that people can still go out in person to vote.

I don’t know about you but I rather take my chances voting in person at these voting places than voting by mail. How about you?