Elton John: The Man, Entertainer, and Activist

It would had been 10 years since Elton John performed at the Fargo Dome. He was scheduled to return next weekend for his farewell tour; but this Pandemic put a stop to it.

Now Elton John has been performing since 1967. He’s from England and was knighted; thus he’s now known as Sir Elton John.

In the ’70’s he worn big glasses and flashy clothes. He’s a great piano player, singer, and songwriter. I would say that he’s an all around great guy.

As an entertainer, he had style. There’s one musician from Las Vegas who can be linked to Elton John; and that is Liberace. Liberace wasn’t a good singer as Elton; but he knew how to entertain the audience with the piano and his outrageous costumes.

When performer performs they have to be able to hook the audience to get them to continue watching them perform. Liberace didn’t have the records that Elton John has. Elton John was a talented songwriter and singer. I very much enjoyed his music.

There was teacher from Hawley School by the name of Mr. Elton. His first name was John. He taught music and 8th grade math. The reason for mentioning him was because the inside joke back in school was, he was our Elton John. It was just a play on his name.

Some so-called religious people would say, “You shouldn’t listen to Elton John, he’s gay, a homo.”

To them, I say, “Who are to judge? Are you a Christian or are you religious?” As Christians we are not to judge and be prejudice; despite of their lifestyle choice.

People who are religious are like the Pharisees back in Jesus’ days. They are hypocrites.

I don’t care about his lifestyle choice. Since he’s a good entertainer, singer, songwriter, why does anything else matters?

I knew someone who wouldn’t go to a Carrie Underwood’s concert because she supports gays. So what?

There was another American Idol contestant, Adam Lambert. He was runner-up. In that season, he was my favorite, because he was a good singer and entertainer. Even Simon Cowell liked him.

So a person lifestyle shouldn’t matter. As long as they can sing and entertain; that is all that counts.

Elton John was friends with the late Princess Diana. He sang at her funeral. He’s even friends with her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

He also got causes that he stands for. The main one: cure for AIDS.

It’s not because of his lifestyles either that he stands for that cause either. We should find a cure for AIDS, like any other diseases.

How he got involved with that cause was because he friended a young boy by the name of Ryan White. Now, Ryan attracted AIDS through blood transfusion and eventually died. There was no reason for him to get AIDS and died.

Yet, these so-called religious people will tell you that God was punishing anyone who is a homosexual.

God doesn’t work that way. He doesn’t punish anyone. He loves each and everyone of us, no matter what.

As Christians, we are to do the same and love one another. We are not to be like the Pharisees or so-called religious people.

If you are being religious, then why bother going to church. If you are a Christian, you will love as Jesus would.

There’s a song that I really like called, “Take Me to Church.” The video is dark. These so-called religious people would condemn me for listening to that song and watching the video to it.

They would probably condemn me for listening to Elton John as well. But I know whom I believe and that’s all that matters.

You may wonder about this blog and why I’m writing it this way. I think it’s appropriate with what’s going on in the world right now.

It’s too bad that Elton John had to cancelled his upcoming show at the Fargo Dome. I was looking forward in seeing him perform again.

It’s full circle for Elton John and the Fargo Dome. The last time he was there was with Billy Joel, another great piano player, singer, songwriter, and entertainer.

When they were there 10 years ago, I applied for a job at the Fargo Dome. It was part time but a fun place to work. My sanctuary!

We probably won’t get another chance to see Elton John again. It was his farewell tour. He was going to retire; since he’s in his 70’s

Elton John is a SUPERSTAR!! He will never be forgotten. He’s a legend in the music industry. There’s no one like him.

By the way, Elton John isn’t related to Olivia Newton John.