2 Wrongs don’t make a Right

I can understand wanting to stand up for you believe in. That’s what America is all about. Taking a stand for what you believe in.

When you step out of line and take it too far that’s where I draw the line. When you go from protesting to rioting, looting, and destroying property; it’s no longer a protest. It becomes a riot.

Protest: to express an objection to what someone has said or done.

Riot: is a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd. Also taking part in a violent public disturbance.

Now that we got the definition out, hopefully people will see the difference between protest and riot.

They had good intention in protesting but when certain groups got involved; it became a riot.

No one has the rights to destroy people’s property or looting it. That’s breaking the law.

People worked damn hard to get their business off the ground. I don’t care who it is. They were hit very hard because they were force to shut down due to the Coronavirus.

I understand wanting justice; but it doesn’t give you the right to destroy people’s property. The police officer was in the wrong but so are the rioters.

After that incident, there was a protest in Fargo that turned into a riot. So when they decided to try again, it cause a little concern. The National Guard was brought in for security reason. The second time it remains peaceful like a protest should.

When certain terrorist groups comes in they can destroy a good cause. The group I’m talking about is ANTIFA and Black Lives matter.

Now ANTIFA is a terrorist groups that goes around to colleges to recruit college students for whatever cause of their choosing. They offer them payment and will even pay their bails if they are caught. That way, they don’t get their hands dirty.

Let us look throughout history at other protest turned into riots.

We all know about the Vietnam protest on college campuses that turned into riots. I agree that we shouldn’t been in Vietnam. But that protest gotten out of hand.

If you ever noticed, throughout histories of the Democratic convention, there were more riot at their conventions than at the Republicans conventions. It goes to show that the Republicans knows the proper way to protest; compare to the Democrats.

An example was the 2016 Republican convention. When some of the Established Republicans weren’t too happy about Trump getting the nomination, they protested by not showing up. Thus no riots occurred!

During the LA riots on April 29, 1992, it disrupted in anger because of the lack of justice that Rodney King had gotten. There’s one thing that Rodney King had said, “Can’t we all get along?” That rang loud and clear; and it should had sunk in for this time around; but it didn’t.

Just a few years ago, there was protest over the pipeline being built over the Native Americans burial plots. It was a good cause when it began. There’s burial ground is sacred to them; and the oil company had no business building a pipeline there. I was against building the pipeline.

When the protest turned nasty and became a riot, was when Hollywood gotten involved. They actually did more damage to the burial ground than the oil company.

In a protest, it’s peaceful, doesn’t destroy properties, doesn’t block traffic, etc. Like when they protest the abortion clinic in Fargo or wherever.

Like I said about ANTIFA, they would travels around college campuses to recruits. They been known to get very violent. For example: if someone was wearing a MAGA hat on campus, this group would literally hurt that person who wore that hat. They would spit on them and such.

That’s not a protest, that’s a riot!

Some states and cities are happy to have the National Guards to come in to help restore them; while some refuse. New York City wants nothing to do with the National Guards; even the Governor of New York, who is also a Democrat wants them though.

Now in Seattle and Washington State, both the mayor and governor says that they have every rights to do what they are doing, and will not stop them. This incident I’m talking about is the blotter.

The mayor of Seattle called it the “Summer of Love.” That ‘s not love, that’s hate. She should be a shame of herself.

To the Black Lives matter people, how about not just black lives matter, but all lives matter.

The Democrats should think about this when they don’t want to stand and support the Jews in Israel but rather support the Muslims terrorists who wants to destroy their country.

Also, for those who are contemplating having an abortion. That baby inside of the woman’s womb is a precious life.

So don’t just say, “black lives matter.” Rather, all lives matter! Even the unborn babies being aborted daily.

I hope that you understands the difference between a protest and a riot. Some of you may hate me and want to shut me down. We need to learn to get along and love one another. Love comes from the heart. If you don’t have love, you have hate. If you have hate, you are children of Satan!

Remember love wins in the end!!!