Two weeks ago, I paid tribute to those who worked on the front line during this pandemic; now I will give honor to those who had been hit the hardest. I’m talking about the blue collar workers; and especially those who worked in the restaurants and retails.

It’s a crying shame that it took an epidemic to wake us up. I mean, so many people takes for granted those who works in the restaurants and retails. We become dependent on them . They are the hardest workers, the most stressed out and paid the worst.

Many have either lost their jobs permanently or temporary. Either way, they have it more tough than those who sits behind a desk, pushing pencils.

They are the backbone to this country and they get little respect. They are taken advantage of so easy by either their employers or the customers.

I have worked retails and I worked in restaurants. I don’t know which job is more stressful.

No wonder people who works these jobs have to worked 2-3 jobs just to get ahead. That is no way to treat people! That is no way to treat the backbone of this country; the hard working man.

Sure, there are others who had their jobs affected beside them; but the hardest hit is the blue collar workers. Even people who works behind the scene at the arenas and venues. Those who set up for concerts or whatever entertainment in the cities was also hit. Yes, I’m talking about those who works for such places as the Fargo Dome.

Now back to those who works in restaurants and retails. Our wait staff gets paid below minimum wage. The reason the employers give is because they gets tips. Tips don’t add to much. Some people don’t even leave tips. If they did, it’s only a few pennies. Those who does that are the one who makes them one around and are very demanding.

I had an Aunt who was that way. It was embarrassing to go out and eat with her.

Some say that some so-called Christians are real bad at leaving tips and taking advantage of the wait staff.

Just like working in retails, the pay is the lowest of all jobs out there; and the benefits are no better. Not only is the customers demanding; but so is the managers.

When you help with carry-out, you are not allowed to accept tips. If a customer gives you a tip, you have to report it to the manager and they pocket the money themselves. I can say this now; but I couldn’t when I worked at Kmart. When a customer gave me a tip for helping with the carry-out, I took it and told no one at work. What the manager don’t know won’t hurt them or you. Like the old saying, “When the cats away, the mice will play.”

There are people who didn’t lose their jobs, they were able to work from home. I’m sorry to say, I don’t feel sorry for them. They never lost their jobs, their jobs were never affected. They didn’t had the added stress put on them like those who works on the front line and the hard working men/women.

Not everyone is cut out for college or can afford to go to college. Those who does goes to college, doesn’t always get the jobs that they went to school for.

Years ago, employers took care of their employees. Now days between greed and government regulation; that doesn’t happen anymore. Years ago, people could just work one job and still get by. Now days, people got to work 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet. No wonder we got people on welfare! Employers would rather hire part time, that way they don’t have to pay out benefits.

When Sam Walton was alive and ran Walmart, he took cared of his employees. His kids on the other hands couldn’t care less. All they wants to do is pocket the money themselves, and forget about the employees; who are the backbone of the company. They will work them like a dog every chance they get.

What Sam Walton should had done was made his kids work at the bottom in the company; that way they could see what real work was like.

Few years ago, the best movie out that should had one an Oscar was “The Help.” It was based in the ’60’s and it shown the mistreatment of blacks in low-income jobs. That movie is still true today; not just blacks though. It include all those who works hard in these low paying, under appreciate jobs.

Not everyone can be a pencil pusher or sit at a desk behind a computer all day. Without our blue collar workers doing the manual jobs out there; who else would do it. Who will clean your toilets? Who will cook your food and serve you? Who will wash your dishes? Who will stock your shelves and help with carry out? Who will set up for concerts?

If they want to get people off welfare; they have to pay the true hard workers more money and give them decent benefits. They need to take better care of their employees. If you appreciate them more, you can get more out of them. Don’t just give them a piece of paper and say, “We appreciate you for your service. That is what Kmart did, and we all look at the manager and laughed.

Certain times a year is busier in restaurants and retails than others. During the slow time, you have to come up with ways to keep yourself busy to work your full shift; otherwise your hours are cut.

Like the shirt I’m wearing at the top of this blog, they are overworked/Underpaid. They are under appreciated as well. I got the shirt while working at Kmart and I wear it proud.

Like Johnny Cash and the reason for him wearing black. He wears black for the poor and under appreciated; and he worn it proud.

I will wear that shirt proudly until there’s equal pay for all. I will wear that shirt even if it gets worn out until our lowest pay workers get a decent living wage for the jobs they do. I will wear that shirt proudly until they get the benefits also.

Not everyone can get a decent paying job. Not everyone is qualified to work these white-collar jobs. I’m glad that I got a better paying job with benefits. But I still consider myself a blue collar worker, the backbone of this country.

Those in Washington should think about the hard working people out there instead of themselves. They don’t deserve the money they are getting.