Time for the Church to Wake Up!

I want to say first Happy Easter to all my readers out there. Even though, it doesn’t really feels like Easter right now. And it has nothing to do with the weather!

Few weeks ago while watching TD Jakes, he mentioned that this Coronavirus that we are going through is warning from God.

This is wake up call for the church, United States, and the world.

As I mentioned in last week blog, Martin Luther was responsible for Reformation of the Catholic Church. Believe me, they truly need it too. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church weren’t too happy with Martin Luther for doing what he did. They kicked him out of the Catholic Church. Thus, that is how the Lutheran Church was formed.

The Catholic Church isn’t the only church that needs a little reforming, a wake up call. The church as a whole needs that wake up call for renewal.

The hierarchy in the church may not be too happy with me because of this blog. Then again, the Pharisees weren’t too happy with Jesus either.

They persecuted Jesus and crucified Him on the cross, because they were very upset with what he said of them and even did. I believe that Jesus would also call our so-called self-righteous leaders in the church a bunch of hypocrites today.

Jesus came down from heaven for all of us. It’s not the healthy but the sick who needs a Savior.

We have no rights to call someone unclean because of their lifestyles choices. The Pharisees called the Samaritans and gentiles unclean; and wouldn’t associated with any of them.

Mother Theresa was a saint because of her ministry in Calcutta, India. She ministered to the lepers.

What’s keeping the young people out of the church today is that they see the church as being self-righteous and a bunch of hypocrites. Those in church needs to get off their high horse if they want to reach the lost for Jesus.

I may come across as brass; but as Dwight Thompson preached, “The people needs in the church needs to hear the truth, and not sugarcoat it. There are too many preachers who would sugarcoat the truth because they don’t want to offend anyone.”

This pandemic is a warning from God. It’s a wake up call for us all.

As I mentioned before, there had been a lot of hate in the world lately. We are to love one another no matter what. We are to love as Jesus would love. He even loved his enemies; those who crucified Him. While on the cross, he cried, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

We are not to judge someone because of their lifestyles. We are to love them as Jesus would. Yet, there are self-righteous leaders in the church who would condemned certain group of people; like the Pharisees did during Jesus’ days.

As A.W. Tozer said, “The world is waiting to hear an authentic voice, a voice from God-not an echo of what others are doing and saying, but an authentic voice.”

May I be that voice for this time that we’re in right now!

There are 4 essentials for the church and they are: teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer.

I see that the church as whole is lacking in those areas.

We need to be flexible and willing to make changes within the church; if we are to continue moving forward and winning the lost for Jesus.

We need to devote ourselves into doing God’s work for the kingdom. We can be like Mother Theresa or be willing to go wherever the Lord may send us.

Don’t be like Jonah and goes the opposite direction because you don’t see certain people the way God sees them.

People who ministers to those in the bars takes courage and may the Lord helps them in that ministry.

Without prison ministry, Chuck Colson wouldn’t had been saved.

Don’t judge someone who is a homosexual! They are still God’s children as well. You can tells them what the Bible says but still loves them.

What the church needs today is people of prayer and the works of the Holy Spirit anointing. It’s time we get down on our knees and pray rather than condemning someone.

We need to be a contagious church filled with the Holy Spirit. We need someone to believe in us, stand by us, guide us and model Christ for us. Yet, these so-called religious leaders would rather condemn people for what they perceive as sin,

Most people tend to worship their work. As a result, their values are distorted.

People had lost their true values. It takes something like what we are going through right now for people to realize it. Churches are closed but liquor stores remain open.

I don’t know about you, but we need more of Jesus and the Holy Spirit than we need alcohol. We need God now more than ever.

What must the church realize?

Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.

The church must dare not ignore the warnings from God. Any church that fails to look within may start to drift without knowing it. We must examine ourselves!

So while you are in quarantine, use this time self-examine yourself. Asked yourself, are you being like Jesus or are you being like the Pharisees?

I could on but, I hope that you get the message. It’s time to heed the warning from God and do a little self-examinations on your life. I’m sorry that I may had come a little preachy and brass; but I believe the church needs this wake up call very much. If Jesus was right here right now, he would probably accuse the church of the same things that he did the Pharisees.

If you are a church leaders and pastors and this blog is speaking to you. Confess it to the Lord by praying for forgiveness. Then get right with God before He returns; otherwise He might say to you, “I know you not.”

If you are not a Christian and this blog is speaking to you; you also can pray for forgiveness and come home to Jesus. God our Father is waiting with open arms.

Once you pray to accept Jesus into your life, then find a good Bible-preaching church to fellowship with other believers.

If this blog had spoken to you and you prayed, I welcome you. I want to hear your comments and see your likes. So go ahead and press the like button and even comment on this blog. If you needs prayer because of this blog, please comment; so that I know how I can pray and maybe help you. I’m here for you!