Common Sense, Please!

First, I better explain this sign; otherwise, I will get some hate mail. This has nothing to do with people who have a disability. I actually believe some of them have more common sense than some people.

Sen. Kevin Kramer was criticized because of him calling Nancy Pelosi a retard. I wouldn’t say that she’s a retard. I would say that she has no common sense to come out of the rain.

You all heard the saying, “Hair and brains don’t work.” So I must be quite smart to a point.(ha,ha)

My step-dad would say, “A person can be book smart but not street smart.” In other words, they have no common sense to come out of the rain.

The Bible says, “when you are child, you think, act, and speak like a child. Once you becomes an adult, it’s time to put away childish things.”

There’s some truth to that.

When we are children, we are suppose to be told what to do by our parents. That is how we learn to use common sense. Once we become an adults, we should have enough common sense to make wise choices. Yet, there are people who would rather be told what to do. They wants the government to control them and their every moves. Thus, that is why they like big government and Socialism.

The government shouldn’t had to issued a stay-at-home decree to the American citizens because of this pandemic; but there are people who just don’t have any common sense.

A recent example was last month. There was a college student on Spring Break down in Florida. He stated, “It’s Spring break, and I’m still going to party!”

Where’s the common sense there?

He may not get the Coronavirus; but he could still be a carrier. He could get it and bring it back home to his parents and grandparents. How would he lived with himself if anything happens to them. He probably didn’t give it much thought; because he didn’t used common sense.

He’s not the only one. I’m afraid to say this, but there are a lot of people who don’t use common sense the good Lord gave them. They have no common sense to come in out of the rain.

Even Alexander Octavia Cortez commented, “I told you that the government will eventually tells you what to do, just like Socialism.”

It’s common sense to cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze. It’s common sense to wash your hands when coming out of the bathroom or after coughing and sneezing.

I recently came upon a statement that men are less likely to wash their hands than women. I have to believe that is quite true. Unless, men works in the food service industry. I was taught growing up to always washed our hands before we sit down to eat, or even after petting the dog. I was even taught to wash your hands after going to the bathroom.

It’s also common sense to stay home if you are sick.

Now in today’s society, that is not so easy to do. For one, your boss would want you to come to work even if you are sick. If you don’t come in, they will have to get their hands dirty and do your job.

Another reason why people don’t call in sick is because many can not afford to miss work. They don’t have any sick leave; so they lose out of pay.

It’s not like years ago, when employers took better care of their employees. They gave them sick days with pay. Once again greed sets in.

People doesn’t have any common sense to stay home even when it’s storming out. I have seen people goes out shopping during the storm. They used the excuse, I need to stock up or I need to go Christmas shopping. That is how accident happens and people get stuck out in the cold and snow.

I was taught, if you don’t have to go anywhere during the storm, stay home. That’s common sense!

Once again, employers would rather you risk your life to come to work during the storm. That way, they wouldn’t have to do the work themselves.

Speaking of no common sense. I seen people who would go out the door marked entrance and in the door mark exit. These are automatic doors too. When the doors don’t open, they would do what they can to open the door manually. Then they wonder why the doors get broken? When I see this, I can’t help but think of Bill Engvall, and his famous comedy routine, “Here’s your sign!” In which he would say, “I hate stupid people!”

Sometimes, I have to agree with him and say, “I hate stupid people!”

I bet he’s having a field day with this idea of the government forcing everyone to stay home because people don’t have any common sense themselves.

So don’t be stupid! If you are sick, stay home! Cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze. Wash your hands! Use a little common sense, please! Use the common sense the good Lord gave you! If we all did that, this world will be a better place. Use some common sense to do what you can to stay healthy and keeps your immune system up to par. Don’t put poisons into your body by putting these chemicals into your bodies.

The best remedy is natural remedy!

If we learn anything from this pandemic, it’s to use a little common sense. We are not children, we are adults. So we shouldn’t have to be told by the government to stay home.

I also hope that a lesson was learned to take better care of their employees. Treat them like humans and not like robots!

Today’s Democrats would like to control us and tell us what to do. They like it if we don’t use common sense. I hate to say this but it’s the Republicans who have more common sense. They want the American people to think for themselves; whereas the Democrats don’t.

So take this as warning and use common sense, please! Use the common sense that the good Lord gave you. We are not children, so let’s act like it.