The Scandal that Rocked the Catholic Church

I know that people already knows about the scandal that rock the Catholic Church; so it’s old news. So you may not be surprise when you read this.

Most recently, the Catholic church came out with a list of priests who were considered to be pedophiles. Some of you may had been surprised and some not to read that Father Richard Sinner was on that list. At first, I was a little surprised. After thinking it over and remembered hearing stories how he loved women, drinking, and dancing; I came to realized that it’s a high possibility.

This is the major scandal but not the only things that rocked the Catholic Church. They have had their shares of problems since the church was formed.

So in honor of Palm Sunday, this week and Easter next week, I will be writing a 2 part blog. You will have to stay tuned until next week to see what part 2 will be. I’m promising you that they will somehow be tied together.

As you can tell from this picture, I’m holding a rosary. I was baptized Catholic as a baby and given this rosary as a gift by my Godmother. I’m not Catholic anymore but I kept this rosary because of memories and that’s all. There’s a few things in the Catholic church that I don’t buy into.

First of all, they worship Mary, the mother of Jesus. They treat her as being above Jesus. That’s not true!

They believed in purgatory, and that people must goes through it before entering Heaven.

I mean, to non-Catholic and non-Christians, Mother Theresa was considered a saint for her works in Calcutta, India. Yet, according to the Catholic Church, she had to be prayed out of purgatory and declared a Saint by their board. It didn’t happened right away. Why is that? She was already a saint in everybody else’s eyes.

As you know priests are called fathers out of respect. When I became a Christian, it left a bad taste in my mouth to even consider calling them fathers. They are not a father. Only God is the Father!

Plus they lost that privilege after molesting these young altar boys and even some girls as well.

According to Matthew 18:6, “But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

In other words, what these priests done to the altar boys is unthinkable. They took away their innocence.

They are suppose to teach about Jesus and God; not harm them in any ways. But that is what they have done. Some have turned away from the Catholic Church or any church in general. Some may even turned away from God.

These priests lost all my respect, and I’m sure that I’m not alone. They have no rights to be called fathers even for what they had done.

I have to admit there is one good thing that Pope Francis is doing and that is trying to make an amends for the church’s crime against children. He is even thinking about allowing the priests to get married, thinking that will eliminate the problems. I don’t know if they can redeemed themselves or not.

I don’t really trust Pope Francis. There’s something about him. I have more respect for Pope John Paul the Second. He was the people’s pope. Yet he hadn’t done much to heal the Catholic church. He was more like Mother Theresa and tried to be more like Jesus.

Even though, I’m not a Catholic anymore, I’m still a Christian though. Maybe one of these blogs, I may tell how I became a Christian, but this blog isn’t the place for it.

It takes someone who may had started out as Catholic to speak out against the Catholic Church. They need another reform like they had when Martin Luther did when he started the Lutheran Church. The Catholics didn’t much care for him for speaking out against the hierarchy in the Catholic church.

I will talk more about Martin Luther in part 2 next week. Not just the Catholic church but the church as a whole needs to be reform.

This may seems different for Palm Sunday and Easter; but hopefully work itself out in the end.