Small Town Life

I’m just a small town country boy and this is what I miss about the small town life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for moving forward. It’s just that as Fargo is growing; so is the crime as well.

Believe me, if I don’t have to be out after dark, I prefer not too. It seems that the people just gets crazier after dark. It’s just not as safe to be out after dark like it used to be years ago. Years ago, it didn’t bother me to go walking after dark. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or if it’s seems to be more dangerous out there.

I remembered going past Chicago with a group on the way to Indianapolis. Believe me, I felt scared and uncomfortable. I made sure that the car doors were locked in case we were stop for some reasons. So you can have Chicago; I wouldn’t live there.

It seems more and more in the cities, people choose not to get to know their neighbors. They keeps to themselves pretty much. Not like years ago, when people actually knew who their neighbors are/were.

Sure there can be a lot to do in a big city. But if you don’t feel safe doing it what’s the point?

In a small town, you can get to know your neighbors. Some people may thinks that’s a bad thing. They rather be all to themselves and not deal with people at all; that is why they choose living in big city. That way they can hide away much easier.

In a small town, neighbors are more apt to come together to help one another than they do in a bigger city.

In the farm community, your neighbors can be a few miles from you. Yet, at the same time they are there for you if you are in needs of help. You hear farmers helping other farmers when one is struggling with their health. That is being a good Samaritan. You don’t really see very much of that in a big city.

Let’s take a look at New York City for example. They say that the people in New York City is anti-sociable and very rude.

Of course, you don’t want to go wandering in New York City or any big city at least by yourself.

When I was in Seattle waiting for my train, I stuck pretty close to the train depot; even though I went just around the block to a neighborhood coffee shop.

Some people may call me a country bumpkins; but I don’t care. I’m a country boy at heart.

I have to admit while growing up on the farm; I wanted to be in live in Hollywood, California. I felt trap on the farm.

Now that I’m older; things have changed for me. I missed the old farm. I missed the quietness and the tranquility of living on the farm and in a small town. People in a small town are actually there for you.

The last time that I was back home in Rollag; even though we sold the farm. There was such a warm feelings about being there. I will treasure the hug I had received from a neighbor not far from the farm.

As unsafe as Fargo is becoming, it makes me miss the farm more and more lately. It makes me homesick. Not just for my folks but also for the comfort of good neighbors as well.

As these cities are growing, may we not lose the small town feelings. They will be and are forever treasure. It’s where neighbors are there for each others no matter what. Where it’s safe to be out in the dark enjoying the tranquility of the night. Just to be one with nature.

To me, that’s God’s country!

You can call me a country bumpkin. You can call me a redneck. I don’t care. I will take the small town and the country any day.

This picture that I posted may or may not have anything to do with this blog. You be the judge! Let me ask you this question: can you grow corn this tall in Fargo or a bigger city? I don’t think so. Can you actually say that you feel safer living in the city compare to a small town? I don’t think so.