A Thorn in the Democrat’s Side

The 5th Democratic candidates that I choose to write about may surprise you and make you wonder why.

That candidate is Tom Steyer. He’s just recently dropped out of the race for President. He’s a billionaire, retired businessman who became an environmentalist.

The reason for choosing him and for the title of this blog you will see.

When he threw his hat into the race for President, his fellow Democrats did all they can to force him out. Yet he hung on until now! He was almost like Rudolf the red nose reindeer, when all the other reindeers didn’t want to play with him.

For the first few debates, he wasn’t allowed to participate in.

He is a billionaire; probably not as rich as Bloomberg, but was able to use his own money.

He wasn’t a career politicians

Here is something that a lot of Americans would very much love to have. He was in favor of term limits for those in the House and the Senate. Now if any candidates would run on the promise to create term limits for the House and Senate, the American people would support them 100%

He just never stood a chance to make it happens.

I’m not saying I would vote for him because I like President Trump.

I think what gave him a big boost and brought him into the democratic debate was Michael Bloomberg; another billionaire. I would say that he doesn’t have the charisma that Bloomberg has though. He is more soft spoken compared to Bloomberg. Yet they both are a thorn for the Democrats right now. They should join forces!

Since the Democrats really hate Trump and they didn’t want Steyer to participate; they must really hate Bloomberg. I would say that he is Trump 2.0.

In one of the debate, Elizabeth Warren argued, “We don’t need another billionaire buying the election?”

It’s alright for a millionaire, like Warren!

I don’t like the idea a billionaire and millionaire buying the election either. Yet, what about these candidates being bought off by the highest bidder. Don’t they know when they are being bought off, they are expected to vote the way the person who bought them off want them to. They say that they are for the American people but when it comes right down to it; they are controlled by those who bought them off.

When John F. Kennedy ran for president, there were people concerned that the Catholic church would control him and the White House. They were even concerned that the mob would control him as well.

Now that never happened! President Kennedy never let that happened. Some say that he may had been killed by the mob because he wouldn’t cooperate.

Trump may be a billionaire; but the campaign promises he made he kept. Since he been president, he went straight to work to keep his promises to the American people. He didn’t have anyone controlling him.

Can we say this about any of these career politicians?

They all have lied in some form or another. I don’t think that I need to go into that. Just looks at the facts! Many had met oppositions that kept them from keeping their promises.

President Obama meant well but his Obamacare was a bad joke.

The American people are very much upset with these career politicians and their empty campaign promises. That’s why Trump was elected in 2016. That is also why candidates like Steyer and Bloomberg choose to run for President. They figured if Trump can do it, they can too.

The Established Republicans tried so very hard to stop Trump. Much the same way the Established Democrats kept Steyer from participating in the first few debates. Much the same way they attacked Bloomberg as well. They don’t want to lose their power.

They are even willing to go very Far Left to the point of promising Socialism to the American people.

Hate Trump as much as you want; but you have to admit he is responsible for this change in Washington. They are coming out of the woodworks because of Trump.

Trump was thorn to the Republican’s establishment, like Steyer and Bloomberg are thorn to the Democrats. They won’t admit it and either will the mainstream news media.