Blow wherever the Wind takes you

My next Democratic candidates that I choose to write on does just that. I’m talking about Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg was a Republican back when he was the mayor of New York City. He’s a billionaire also; but I won’t go too much into that in this blog.

He was the mayor of New York City after Rudy Giuliani; and that was after 9/11. He’s trying to take full credit for saving New York City after 9/11. He doesn’t get full credit. Rudy Giuliani gets the full credit for helping New York City after that crisis. I will give him part credit though.

New York City was doing good until Mayor Bill de Blasio took office. Since he took office, all the hard work that Giuliani did was thrown out the window. Crimes is up, homelessness is up and there is a lack of respect for the police.

Both Bloomberg and Trump were friends. Now he’s running to get the nomination to run against him by criticizing Trump. It goes to show that he blows wherever the wind takes him. He’s a blowhard like Ed Schultz.

Let’s look at the similarity between Trump and Bloomberg.

First, Bloomberg was a Republican; whereas Trump was a Democrats. So why the switch, you may you asked.

I don’t know, maybe Bloomberg is jealous and wants what Trump has since he became President.

When Trump ran for President in 2016, he shook up the Republican party. The Establishment wanted Jeb Bush; but the American people didn’t.

Before Bloomberg threw his hat in the election, the Democrats had no one worth while. It was either Bernie Sanders, a Socialist, Elizabeth Warren, a wanna be, or Joe Biden, the establishment. None of them stands a chance against Trump. Bloomberg saw that as an opportunity to shake things up for the Democrats.

The first few Democrats debate was very boring. Since Bloomberg threw his hat into the race, this past debate was more interesting. They all pretty much went after Bloomberg and attack him hard. Much like the Republicans went after Trump in the 2016 election. The only difference, Trump fought back hard.

Bloomberg had no fight in him. What does he thinks this election is a joke. Is he actually serious about running? Or just he want to just shakes things up for the Democrats; which they very much needs?

He’s a billionaire and I will discuss more on that with next week blog; as I talk about the fifth democratic candidates that I will write about. That way I will ties them together, like I did with Biden, Sanders, Warren.

I do want to mention. Bloomberg wasn’t the only one that was attacked at the last debate. MN Senator Amy Klobuchar was attacked by Pete Buttigieg. Now that’s surprisingly! I’m surprised that she is in it as long as she is. She is nothing to write home about. Michelle Bachman was more interesting than her. I didn’t agree with Bachman most of the time.

I won’t digress into this because this is more on Bloomberg and how he just blows wherever the wind takes him. The only good things about him is that he’s shaking up the Democrats like Trump shook up the Republicans and is at work draining the swamp in Washington of these career politicians. On that fact, I gives Bloomberg a thumbs up!

It goes to show that the American people is so upset with Washington and these career politicians; that change is a coming. What kinds of change will happens next?

This election will be Capitalism vs. Socialism. Who will win out?

Just read my blog on Socialism and you may figured it out.