History of Slavery

Now slavery is a bad blotch in our history. Slavery had been around since the Old Testament back in the book of Exodus.

Back then, the Israelites were slaves in Egypt. God used Moses to freed them and delivered them to the Promise land.

That’s not the only time that we have encountered slavery in our history.

Slavery is being held against your will by someone in power. Oftentimes, slaves were abused physically, sexually, mentally, and emotionally. They were held in bondage.

Shortly after the United States was formed, people from this country went over to Africa to captured as many blacks as they could to bring them over to the United States as slaves. Usually, they were the young that was brought over.

Once brought over, the slave traders would auction them off to the highest bidder. They were separated from their families in the process. If they didn’t do what they were told, they were badly beaten.

Much to the same way, as sexual slaves are. Even those who were put into sex trafficking. If they refused to do what they were told, they were beaten and/or killed.

It was during the Civil War under Pres. Abraham Lincoln that slavery was to come to an end in the South. The plantation owners and the Democrats of that days, fought to keep their slaves. It was their livelihood. They were treated as property.

There is still slavery today, even though the Civil War was fought to free the blacks from bondage. There is many forms of slavery.

During the Roaring 20’s the Women Suffrage movement began; which allowed women to vote and own properties. Before that they were considered to be property as well.

Also during the early 1900’s a bill was enacted to end child labor; which was also a form of child slavery.

Yet, in some countries there is still child slave labor.

The reason for the Border wall is because these slave trafficker would smuggle children from other countries over to the United States to make them slaves.

As I wrote last week, there are some people who are fascinated with bondage. Some would either be the slaves and some the masters.

My question is: with the horrors of slavery, why do some people choose to be held in bondage as someone personal slave?

One year for Halloween, while I was working at Kmart, I dressed up as a slave. I even used my clock number instead of my name on a name tag. It also said, “Property of Kmart.” The manager at the time didn’t seems to understand.

Why do some people choose to be someone slave? Why is there people choosing Socialism?

Don’t they know that Socialism is another form of slavery. With Socialism, the people is slave to the Government.

We came a long way to end slavery after the Civil War. We came a long way to end Women Suffrage. We came a long way to end child labor.

Why do we want to go backward of being slaves?

We had our first black President; even though Obama was only half black.

Women can finally vote and own property. They can even run for President and who knows some day become President.

There’s bondage by a controlling spouse. My mother was independent but yet she was so co-dependent as well. She didn’t see the bondage that she was in during her 40 years of marriage. She didn’t see it as being abuse.

I don’t know about you, I want to move forward not backward to where slavery was a thing in this country.

As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said, “I had a dream where all will be free.” It doesn’t matter if you are colored or white; it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female.

We need to end sex trafficking and slave trafficking of minors and of women.

Even men can be sold and treated as slaves!

We must put a stop to slave labor for all mankind.