The Hype behind the Coronavirus

It had been a short few month since we first heard of the Coronavirus. It started out in China. There was more death in China due to the Coronavirus thus far.

When people in China first started contracting the virus, the medical profession and the Chinese Government didn’t think that it was very serious and contagious.

The Coronavirus is a new virus that causes respiratory illness in people and can spread from person to person.

The symptoms for coronavirus are: fever, cough, shortness of breath. The symptoms may appear in as few as two days or as long as 14 days after exposure.

The media and social media compared the coronavirus to the movie “Outbreak” and “Contagious.”

I’m sure that you probably seen both movies. I know that I have seen “Outbreak”, starring Dustin Hoffman. That movie was scary; so I’m not going to downgrade the Coronavirus.

This will be more how the media and social media plays on our fears to scare us out of our normal routine. This isn’t the first time that the media and social media played on our fears throughout history. I don’t think it will be the last either.

Due to the Coronavirus, concerts, basketball tournaments, etc. has either been cancelled or postpones. For some reason, it even affected the stock market; when it took a nose dive. It goes to show that they made a big hype out of it.

For some reason, stores can’t keep in stock toilet papers and bottled waters.

I don’t know about you, I can’t help but think about Y2k; which occurred before the year 2000. The media and social media tried to scare us with the fact that all computers will crash because of the year 2000. It will be a worldwide blackout at that time. So many people became scared that they rush to get generators to keeps from being left in the dark. If you remembered, nothing happened like they said it would.

The Jehovah” Witness themselves had used fears throughout their history to get people to join their religion. They have been saying that the end of the world is coming; and that they will be the only one left. As you know the end of the world isn’t here yet.

Another example happened just before the Great Depression, during the Wall Street crash. A lot of people jump to their death out of their high story office building.

It goes to show what fear drives us to!

During the mid-1300’s, there was the Black Plague. It was a devastating epidemic of bubonic plague.

Just think, if it’s happens today with all the hype of social media and media, there will be a real hoopla over it like there is with the Coronavirus.

I just can’t seems why people have to hoard toilet paper the way they are doing because of this virus. I just can’t grasp the thought behind their thinking.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be informed about it. We need to be warned but do we actually needs it to disrupt our everyday life.

It’s just an overblown flu. People can die from the flu as well.

If you take care of yourself, you can still have a life despite of this virus.

We are being easy target because our immune system is down due to all the poisons that is in our body. We are run down as well. We need to refurbish our body with natural remedies and herbs. We need to get the proper rest as well.

I had a scare yesterday and last night. As I was getting on the bus after work to head home, someone who may or may not had the Coronavirus, was getting off the bus. He didn’t cover his mouth when he cough; so his germs spread. Last night, I started feeling a little sick. So when I got ready for bed, I took 2 Tablespoon of Elderberry syrup, ginger roots and another herb. Because of doing that, I felt better this morning. I also said a little prayer, asking the Lord to keep me from getting sick. Until this blows over, I will continue taking precaution by taking these things.

It’s good to be warn about things; but we don’t have to be consumed by our fears. We can conquer our fears and still live our lives normally.

When you cough or sneeze, please cover your mouth. Don’t let the germs spread! Wash your hands!!

That is one of the things my mother had taught us kids to wash our hands before we eat and after going to the bathroom, even after petting your pets.

An ounce of protection is better than a lifetime of sickness. We need to take care of our body. Taking herbs is so much better for you than shooting yourself with more chemicals; which is just poison for our body.

One good thing came out of this and that is finally despite the Democrats hatred for President Trump, they were able to work with the Republicans on a measure to help combat the Coronavirus. So it goes to show that America can come together for a cause. They did it after 9/11 too.