Can We believe(trust) Elizabeth Warren?

Once again, we have a woman running for President! The question is: can we trust Elizabeth Warren? Can we believe anything she says?

Elizabeth Warren is making promises that she will not keep. All you have to do is look at her voting records and see for yourself, what a liar she is.

During the start of her campaign for President, she came out and said that she is a Native American, after taking an ancestor DNA test. I don’t know about you, but I can’t buy that. She is no more a Native American than I am Irish; because I’m not Irish.

She is even claiming to be in favor of Socialism to try to steal the votes away from Bernie Sanders. She, too is offering free health care, free education, and free money. The only difference, she isn’t coming out how she will pay for it all. At least, Bernie Sanders admitted that our taxes will goes up with his plan.

She’s a liar like crooked Hillary Clinton. I don’t know if she is crooked like Hillary though.

If you happens to believe Elizabeth Warren, I have an ocean front property in Arizona that I will sell to you very cheap.

She is a pathological liar!

During the campaign, she was confronted about getting money from rich donors. She tried to denied that is not the case though. She is bought off like so many career politicians. She have lobbyist who would buy her votes in Washington. She is not for the American Working class people.

She made a statement that once she is elected President, she would eliminate the Electoral college. Doesn’t she realize, by eliminating the electoral college, small states like North Dakota won’t have a voice in our government. Only big states will have a voice. Who will speak for these smaller states?

In one of the last debates, she made a comment that it’s time for a woman president. There is only one problem, it got to be the right person for the job.

My mother would say that we needs a woman president. Yet, she never voted for Hillary Clinton; because she wasn’t the right woman for the job.

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, or black or white. All that matter is that you are the right person. I voted for a woman president back in 2000 when I wrote in Elizabeth Dole’s name; because I couldn’t vote for George W. Bush or Al Gore. When Michelle Bachman ran for president in 2012, the only good things she did was knocked Tim Pawlenty out of the race. I wouldn’t had voted for Michelle Bachman either; because there was things that I didn’t agree with her on. I don’t know if Sara Palin would had been the right person. Since she wasn’t strong enough to defend herself when she was attack by our fake mainstream news media.

I guess what I’m saying to Elizabeth Warren, it’s all depends on the right woman for my vote. She is definitely not the right woman or person for the job.

These last 3 Democratic candidates that I had written about these past 3 weeks have something in common. Do you want to know what it is? I will tell you!

Joe(sleepy Joe) Biden, Bernie(grandfather of Socialism) Sanders and Ms. Elizabeth Warren are career politicians. They are also part of the Democratic Establishment in Washington. They are a part of the swamp that we the American people voted for Donald Trump to drain out.

Both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren may try to tell you that they are not. All you have to do is look at the their voting records. Also looks at how long they have been in Washington. They have overstayed their welcomes and done nothing for the people.

There are 2 more Democratic candidates that I will choose to write about in March. Who they will be, may or may not surprise you?