Grandfather of Socialism

We all know that Sen. Bernie Sanders is running for President once again. We also know that he is pushing for Socialism in this country. He’s not fully admitting that it’s Socialism; when he is offering free money in the form of free healthcare for all and free education. He’s especially offering it to the illegal immigrants.

My question is: do you know the whole truth about Bernie Sanders?

We all know that he’s a career politicians.

We all know that he knows just how to reach the younger generation. They likes the idea of free education. To them, he is like Weekend at Bernie’s

He, likes the late Senator John McCain have more than one mansion. He has a vacation home worth more than I make a year. Who needs a vacation home that expensive?

My question to Bernie is: how did you earn all your money if it wasn’t for Capitalism? You are preaching Socialism; but yet you are where you are because of Capitalism. He was bought off like all the other career politicians in Washington.

If he offering free healthcare, free education, and free money; why don’t he dig in his own pockets and give it to the people? We all know that he won’t though.

He wants Socialism, so that he can keeps what he have and no one else can get it.

Bernie Sanders is one of the oldest Senators in Washington and his health isn’t the best. It reminds me of North Dakota former Senator Quentin Burdick. Toward the end of his life, his people just push him around in his wheelchair to functions. That’s why we need term limits because of people like Bernie Sanders!

He’s also Jewish. I don’t know if he’s practicing his faith, though.

Since, he is Jewish, he seems to forget about the Holocaust that happened in the time of World War 2. In Germany, at the time under Hitler, Socialism was Hitler’s economics strategy for everyone but the Jews and those Germany attack during the war of conquering Europe.

Bernie Sanders should remembered that! Either because he is old and senile that he seems to have forgotten or he chose not to remembered that facts about Socialism? Well, Bernie Sanders, we the American people have not forgotten. The Jews have also not forgotten the horror of the holocaust and the concentration camp for the Jews held captive in Germany.

The people didn’t want you in 2016; when they chose crooked Hillary Clinton over you. She may had been a crook and a liar; but she was also a Capitalist and not a Socialist like Bernie Sanders.

Even Pres. Trump said at his State of the Union speech, “Socialism will not work in this country.” United States was founded on the idea of Capitalism.

If you give people things without really earning it, how do you expect them to truly appreciate it. How do you expect them to learn anything? If a parent gave their child everything they wants without really earning it, how can the child learn anything in life. The only thing they will learn is that mommy, daddy, or the government will take care of them. They become spoiled, selfish, and part of the Entitlement. They haven’t learned anything in life except to be part of the entitlement.

Growing up, I wasn’t part of a rich family. I was taught that if you wants anything, you have to work for it. Hard work never hurt anybody. So when we got our inheritance, we learn to appreciate it even more. We learned how to invest to make our money works for us. That is Capitalism!

My question to the American people is this: do you want Socialism or Capitalism? Do you want free money without any strings or do you wants to truly earn what you get?

Believe me, you will appreciate it more when you actually earn it than if the Government just give it to you out right.

One thing that Bernie Sanders did admit. Under Socialism, to pay for all this free stuff he is offering, your taxes will goes up. It goes to show that nothing is free.

This election let sends a message to Bernie Sanders. Let us send him the message that Socialism will not work in this country. We wants lower taxes, not higher. It’s time that he thinks about retiring in one of his many homes. He doesn’t need all of them. He had been in Washington way too long and it’s time we send him back home packing.