Sleepy Joe

He’s far from being sleepy though. The lion has awaken. Joe Biden was in the background for many years serving in Washington as part of the Establishment until he became Vice-President under Barak Obama. He is the front runner of the Democrats running for President in this year election.

He is the Established Democrats answer to Jeb Bush’s answer to the Established Republicans in 2016. We all know what happened there.

Donald Trump just clobbered Jeb Bush and he will do the same to Joe Biden in this year election.

The only reason that Biden is the front runner for the Democrats is because he is more normal than the other candidates; and that isn’t saying much.

Have you watched any of the Democrats debate?

Let me tell you they are very boring. The moderator is at fault. They are not asking the right tough questions of these candidates.

Joe Biden looks like he is asleep; like Jeb Bush did in 2016. They could almost be brothers, because they both are boring to watch. It’s like watching paint dry.

Pres. Trump will wipe the floor with Joe Biden at their debate.

I believe this is why the Democrats is looking at impeaching Trump; because they know deep down that they can’t beat him in the election with the candidates they have.

They have nothing on Trump to impeach him. They have more on Biden with the Ukraine scandal.

Just think now that it’s in the Senate, Trump will gets a fair hearing.

When Biden was Vice-President, his son, Hunter was involved with unsavory business venture in the Ukraine. Biden knew about it and covered it up with the help of former Pres. Obama.

So the Republicans can call both Joe and Hunter Biden to questions them. This will hurt Biden more than it would Trump. The Democrats knows that too. That’s why Adam Schiff never questioned both Joe and Hunter Biden. So they made this fake impeachment trial to try to stop Trump from getting reelected or even get him out of office.

This is just one of the things about Joe Biden that the American people needs to know before going to the polls either in the primaries or general election. There’s so much I can write about. Where to end is the tough part.

When Biden first threw his hat in the ring, he was accused of groping women in public and sniffing their hair. The excuse he used was that he was just an old man. A dirty old man at that!

Just think, if any one of us was to do what Biden done, they will throw the book at us. We would be sent to prison and made to register as a sex offender for life.

Years ago, though, if we did that we would get our face slap hard.

Why hasn’t any charges been filed on Joe Biden? What makes him so special?

Most recently, it had been reported not by the fake mainstream news media but rather Fox News. Joe Biden admitted that the men on his staff gets paid more than the women for the same job. Why is that if they wants equal pay for equal works?

At one of his rally, someone brought up the Ukraine incident to him. He gotten so angry with that person, that he challenged him to an arm wrestling contest.

It goes to show that if he is confronted on things, he becomes very defensive.

When I saw that, my thought went to the time, that I was working at Kmart and the employees were asked to do a survey and rate the manager. The manager at the time was Nick. He got a low rating on that survey. So he called a meeting in the break room to chew us out for his low rating. He got as angry as Joe Biden did when confronted and challenged that guy to an arm wrestling contest.

Joe Biden even got down to do push ups to make his point.

They say that Trump is a bully. What about Biden? Can we trust him?

My answer is a big HELL NO!!

I know that Joe Biden may not like what I’m saying about him. He might even challenge me to an arm wrestling contest.

The Democrats may not even like that I’m going after their Trojan horse, their savior, Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is a Catholic who was refused communion because of his stance on abortion.

Like I said early in this blog, there’s so much a person can write about Sleepy Joe Biden. I think I said enough.

He may wants to censor me; if not challenge me to an arm wrestling contest. To that, I say, “bring it on, sleepy Joe Biden! The American people deserves to know the truth about you before going to the polls to vote.”

Now he is the first Democratic candidates in this 5 part series I will write about to help the American people makes the right decision this election. The next 4 may or may not surprise you. You might even be surprise who I leave out.