The Old Democrats is gone-look at what we got now

The fake mainstream news media will never admit it but the old Democrats is dead and gone. The party has gone off their rocker, gone too far to the Left. They are now considered to be Socialism or another word, Communism.

During the Obama administration they said the same thing about the Republican party. They thought that the Republicans were dead and gone.

There was a division because of the Tea Party movement; but it was nothing like what is going on with the Democrats right now.

The Tea Party was formed to take back America for the people from the Establishment in Washington. Donald Trump saw that as an opportunity to make his move to run for President to make America great again.

What does the Democrats have to offer the American people but rather Socialism(Communism)?

They just hate Trump so bad that they can’t seems to get the job done. All they care about is to impeach him. They just wants to stop him at all cost. They are not even willing to work with him because of their pure hatred for him. He had been giving them the olive branch of peace. He is willing to work with them but their hatred is keeping them from working with him.

Their hatred is worse than it was with Pres. Reagan. At least, under Tip O’Neil they made an effort to work with him.

You could talk with a Democrat back then without being spurred hatred. As I said before, I had a college professor who was a Democrat and I was Reagan Republican. We had respect for each other and he became my advisor.

Now days, if you are a Republican and a Trump’s supporter, the Democrats and the mainstream news media will attack you and beat you senseless. A Republican speaker will be under attack if they speak on the college campus. If you wear the MAGA hat, they will knock it off your head and throw things at you.

There was teenage boy who wore the MAGA hat at a rally. The school went to suspend him because of that.

Sure, the Republicans may not like Bill Clinton and Obama but the hate wasn’t as bad as the Democrats have for Trump.

The Republicans was willing to work with them to balance the budget and do what was right for the American people.

When Nancy Pelosi was asked why she hated Trump so much, she got defensive and used her Catholic faith by saying, “I’m a Catholic, I don’t hate anybody!” My question to Nancy Pelosi is, “What do you call it then?”

Most recently after the faux impeachment hearing by those Democrats in the House, Congressman Jeff Van Drew jump from being a Democrat to being a Republican because he didn’t approve of the direction they were going.

Not only that Minnesota Congressman Colin Peterson, a Democrat didn’t vote the party line for the faux impeachment. Also most recently, he voted to take a look at the Roe vs. Wade and possibly overturn it.

Now I don’t like the idea that Colin Peterson has been in office way too long; but I do like the fact that he took a stand against today’s Democrats.

Both Drew and Peterson will be outcast by the Democrats now because of their choices.

I have talked with a Democrat who sees how far left they had gone and don’t agree with them. So there is some out there who doesn’t agree; but if you don’t agree with them, they will spur hate at you. You are not allow to disagree with them. You are not allow to think for yourself.

Then there are Democrats who doesn’t want to believe that they have change and became Communism. They still want to see them as the same old party.

I said before, both John F. and Bobby Kennedy will not be accepted by today’s Democrats; because they were too Conservative. Most recently, even Obama, himself admitted that the Democratic party had gone too far to the left.

Because of the hatred that the Democrats and the mainstream news media have for Trump, when he killed the Iranian terrorist, he was criticized for it. Now when Pres. Obama had Bin Laden killed, he was praised for it. Is that fair?

You all heard the old joke, “my folks went to Las Vegas, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” Well, here is spin to this joke. The old Democrats is dead and gone; and all I got was a penalty. I said before I voted for Obama because I didn’t like McCain and Romney. I felt that we needed a better health care system; so I was in favor of Obamacare.

I want to tell you that Obamacare turns out to be a joke. A bad one at that! I was penalize not once but twice because of it. The first time was because I didn’t have health insurance for a full year. The second time for having 2 health insurance. That happened last year!

They called Trump, the Republicans, and Trump’s supporter a bunch of racist. The Democrats are one who are racist. They have been racist since the Civil War. It was them who didn’t want Lincoln to free the slaves. They were their livelihood. The KKK was formed under the Democratic party.

The Democrats is even against the Jews and Israel. It’s says in the Bible, if anyone is against God’s chosen people they will feels His wrath.

Both Omar and Tlaib were banned from going to Israel because of their Muslim faith. They were boycotted by Israel; and the Democrats banned together to support them. So it goes to show where their alliance are.

Sure I was scared of Trump at first; but I’m proud to be an American and I’m proud to be a Trump’s supporter now. I will vote for him in the 2020 election. I will never vote Democrat again.

They are not the party of Kennedy. Kennedy was against Communism. Today’s Democrats have turn Communist by wanting Socialism in this country.

Maybe this is a good thing! This division we have in Washington. I heard people say that we need more than a 2-party system. The Democrats is divided more than the Republicans right now.

So this election, as Ray Stevens sings, “Throw the Bums out!” Let us throw the Democrats of the House and out of Washington. Let us vote them out of office once and for all. Let us take back America! May we show them that Socialism will never works in this country.