Why Socialism will never work?

What is Socialism?

Socialism is defined as: a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

Another definition of Socialism is: In Marxist theory, a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of Communism.

Under Socialism, we are not able to own property, because the government will own it instead. It will be like Russia. We will work the lands and get paid peanuts for the hard labor.

Also under Socialism, the farm that I grew up on would had been owned by the government. We wouldn’t inherited the estates, because there wouldn’t be any.

I wouldn’t had any investments because I wouldn’t had an inheritance under Socialism.

Most recently Boris Johnson became Prime Minister of England. Now he is a Conservative and he beat out a Socialist. He is compared to Pres. Trump.

As you probably know England is looking at leaving the European Union; which is a form of Socialist government.

In the Bible, when a one world government is form, the anti-Christ will come to power and become ruler. When that happens, you would have to get the mark of the beast; which is 666 to be able to buy anything.

Those on the Left calls Trump a dictator because they sees him as not being very nice and brass. When in fact, whoever in charge of a Socialist country are the real dictator.

I mean, Adolf Hitler was a dictator and Socialism was what Germany had under his control. Under Hitler’s Socialism, the Germans may thrive but anyone who was part of the elite struggled, some were even killed. For example, the Jews and anyone who helped the Jews.

If Senator Joe McCarthy was alive today, he would have a fields day. Remembered, he had a blacklist of anyone who was a Communist in this country. So if anyone who favors Socialism would be labeled a Communist.

If Capitalism is so bad, why are these immigrants crossing the border illegally?

They are coming to America to get away from their corrupt Socialist government. They wants the same freedom that we have and they don’t in their country. They wants a chance to succeed. A chance that they will not get in their own country; because of Socialism.

Some of those who are in favor of Socialism would say that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a Socialist. Just because he created Social Security and helped America through the Depression, doesn’t makes him a Socialist. Remembered, he fought against Socialism during World War 2.

For a few months now, you have heard the Chinese people protesting the Chinese Communist government.

This is what you get when the people gets so fed up with corrupt Socialist government. They will either protest or they may try to overthrow the government.

As I wrote in my blog on the First Immigrants, when our ancestors came to America, they came to get away from the King of England’s control. They wanted freedom in religion and whatever else.

The Revolution War came about when American settlers threw the tea overboard the English ship because of the king’s taxation on it.

Now are these Liberals professors teaching that truth?

Hell no!! These Liberals Leftist are lying to the American people about the whole truth about Socialism. They are trying to make it sounds so good with the idea of free money, free healthcare, and free education. Nothing is free! It’s us taxpayers who will pay for it all.

I’m for less government not more. I’m for less taxes and that is why I’m against Socialism. I’m not saying that Capitalism is perfect but it sure beats Socialism.

I will talk about Obamacare in next week blog; which will be part 3.

We are being lied to by the Leftist media, Liberal professors, and teachers about Socialism.

Whatever you do don’t buy into their lies. Those who came from a Socialist government doesn’t wants Socialism; because they know what it really is. It’s total government control over everything. We will not be able to own anything, the government will own it instead. We will be like slaves to the Government.

Now Abe Lincoln was responsible for freeing the slaves during the Civil War. He would not approve of Socialism; anymore that George Washing ton would. Even Ronald Reagan warned the American people about Socialism, when he went after the Communist party.

So who are you going to believe over Socialism? Those on the Left who is lying to you or those on the Right, who is trying to protect America from becoming a Socialist country?