Words with Different meanings

In this political correct world that we lives in, I’m not a very political correct person. I tell it like it is.

There are words that meant one thing but now means something totally different.

I remembered my high school English teacher, Mr. Nelson would always say, “Ain’t isn’t a word!” Well Mr. Nelson, ain’t is too a word now. It’s in the dictionary.

How many remembered the old Flintstones series and the line in the theme song was, “have a gay old time?”

Now the word gay is a derogatory for someone who is a homosexual. For example: “are you gay?”

Or how about the word fag? Years ago, in the old English language from England, fag meant a cigarette. For example: “do you have a fag?”

Now a fag is also a derogatory for a homosexual. For example: “You Fag!”

We just celebrate Christmas this past week. In the political correct world a person cannot say, “Merry Christmas!” The reason, those in the fake news media gives, “you might offend somebody.” They would rather you say, “Happy Holiday!” instead. Or they look to take Christ out of Christmas and gives you ‘x mas instead.

I’m here to tell you I will always say Merry Christmas to anyone I meet or whatever. I will not take Christ out of Christmas. If someone is offended because of my belief and me using it the right way; that’s there problem, not mine.

In my blog, “The First Immigrant”, I mentioned Indians. Now Indians is the proper name for the American Indians. Now those on the Left, would rather that they be called, “Native America” instead. They are trying to change history by changing our American language.

Years ago, it was ok to say that someone was retarded. Now days, it’s a word that leaves a bad taste in people’s mouth. So instead of being mentally retarded, that person has a mental disability.

Now this, I can understand; because it does make sense. If you call someone a retard, you are being insulting.

I remembered as a child when the family was traveling through Montana to the West Coast. My step-dad would say that in Montana, a horse is actually called a hoss.

The word Socialism is a word that means something totally different than what those on the Left making it out to mean.

I won’t go too much into Socialism because I will save it for next week blog. It will be part 2 in this series. So if you wants to know what I thinks about Socialism, stay tuned until next week,