Blue Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time for all. Yet, there are some who suffer with depression this time of year. They don’t just suffer this time of year but all year long. It’s just that Christmas is much more harder on them.

Even during winter, people finds themselves dealing with depression, call the winter blues or cabin fever.

What triggers depression is a number of things. It could be a lost of a family member or loved ones. The old Kitty Wells song, “It doesn’t feels like Christmas anymore,” talks about why bother with decorating the house for Christmas.

Sometimes when people are depressed, they would take up drinking and likely to become an alcoholic. They have suicidal thoughts. They just want to end it all and just give up on life. Some may even become very angry.

As I had studied psychology, I had learned that I had a mild case of depression while growing up. I was crying out for help but there was no one who I could confide in. I had suicidal thought and I even became hooked on aspirin; which I used the excused that I had a headache. I even slept with a teddy bear until I was 12 years old. (I won’t go into details to why I suffered with minor depression, because that is a whole different blog that I may or may not post.)

I have a brother who I’d say is prime example of a person suffering with depression. He got it so bad, he actually needs help. He is drinking more and more lately; especially as a family member passed away. It’s almost like he wants to die.

After my mother had passed away, I believed that my step-dad had suffered with depression. I felt that he just gave up on life after losing his life partner of 40 years. He died about 4 years after she died.

Usually when a couple had been married a long time, and when one dies, the other one will usually give up on life. The reason for living is no more.

In the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Jimmy Stewart’s character was about to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge. He wondered what things would had been like if he wasn’t even born.

Usually people who suffer with depression will wonder that, as they contemplate suicide.

Look at the movie “Scrooge,” Ebenezer Scrooge, may comes across as stingy. I actually believe that he was struggling with depression.

If you know anyone who is suffering with depression, you should try to help them. They are crying out for help but don’t know how to find it. They don’t know who they can turns to.

If you know anyone who had been married a long time and one of the spouse had passed away, you should do what you can to help that person cope in their trying time, by comforting them and being there for them.

You can’t make a person get treatment! They got to want to do it themselves. All you can do is be there them.

Christmas can a very difficult time for those suffering with depression. They are being haunted with a lot of memories.

Even in the dead of winter, can also be hard on someone who is suffering with depression. The reason for it is simple. You are coup up inside due to the weather; so you have plenty of time to dwell on the things that is making you depressed.

So give someone you know a call; who knows that may save their life.

When a person is depress, they become very lonely.

You may save a person life with just one call!

When I had suffered with a minor case of depression, there wasn’t anybody that I could really go to.

There is hope for those suffering with depression. There is places you can go or call to seek help. You just got to want that help. There’s medication for depression; but I recommend only as a last resort. If you can deal with depression without drugs, more power to you.

If you are suffering with depression seeks professional counseling or a friend to help you. You can even seek a pastor for spiritual help to deals with depression.

There is hotline that you can call if you are contemplating suicide or facing depression. You can also call this new phone number: 988.

The phone number for the National Suicide Hotline is: 1-800-273-8255. They are available to help for 24 hours.

If there is anyone who is suffering with depression that is reading my blog, I hope that you will seek the help that is out there. Remember, God doesn’t make junk! I heard that from a counselor.

If this blog is speaking to you, go ahead and like it and/or even make a comment is also welcome. I’m also here for you as well.