Breaking the Rules!!

Let me start with this question: What is about Trump that people hate? Is it because he’s a Republican?

Let me tell you, he wasn’t always a Republican. He was friends with the Democrats as well. Hillary and Bill Clinton was at his wedding. He was Hollywood best friends due to the success of his reality show, “The Apprentice.”

I like Trump because he socked it to the fake mainstream news media and the Establishment in Washington. He’s getting the job done that he said that he would do. So many politicians say one thing but never keeps their promises. They were just blowing “hot air” to the American people.

Some of the Established Republicans dislike Trump out of Jealousy; because he does what they couldn’t. People like Mitt Romney and the late John McCain for example.

The Democrats hate Trump because they sees the good that he is doing for this country and can’t stand it. They are afraid that they cannot beat him in the 2020 election. So they comes up with this farce of an impeachment hearing.

Nancy Pelosi was asked why she hated Pres. Trump and she just went off her rocker and said, “I’m a strong Catholic and I don’t hate anybody!”

What the Democrats are accusing Pres. Trump of doing, they are doing themselves. They are accusing him of abusing his power; when they are the ones abusing their power.

I like him because he does get the job done and keeps his promises. He’s not afraid to step on a few toes to get the job done. To some, he may come across as a bully. We need a strong leaders to get the job done.

One thing I was taught growing up by my mother, was when you make a promise, you should honor it.

Sure, he may not always play by the rules. Some of the rules needs a little tweaking.

Who hasn’t broke some rules because it doesn’t fit in? I mean, the old saying is, “when the cats away, the mice will play.”

Pres. Trump isn’t the only one who went after the Establishment and he won’t be the last. Believe me, I like someone like that.

Pres. Reagan also went after the Establishment in Washington. He may had more tact but he got the job done and was hated by his own party, the Democrats the news media.

Martin Luther went after the Establishment in the Catholic Church and created the Reformation. Because of Martin Luther, the Lutheran Church was founded. The hierarchy in the Catholic Church threw him out of the church because of going after the way they were running the Catholic Church. (Believe me, they need that again, but that is a whole different blog.)

Remember, even Jesus Christ went after the Pharisees of his days and called them hypocrites. They had him crucified because of it.

Remembered, Jesus didn’t come to abolish the law but to fulfill them. The Pharisees wasn’t doing what they were supposed to be doing. They were talking the talk but not walking the walk. They were telling people how to live but not living the right way themselves.

Just like Martin Luther when he went after the hierarchy of the Catholic church.

People in authority doesn’t like it when someone points out the error of their ways. They get angry and filled with rage. They fight back hard.

This is what the Democrats are doing right now against Trump. They are upset that he is upsetting the cart and getting the job done that he said he will. They see how the American people are reacting to what he is doing to make America great again, and they can’t stand that.

With the candidates they have running for President in 2020, they sees their chances of winning the White House is very slim. So they comes up with lies to try to impeach him; so that they can possibly defeat him.

They are still crying over the fact that he beat crooked Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

If you hate Trump because of all that, then you must also hated Martin Luther for going after the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church. If you hate Trump, then you must also not be a Christian; because of Jesus standing up against the Pharisees.

All three have one thing in common, and that is they stood up to the establishment. They weren’t afraid of breaking some rules to get the job done and do what is right.

They weren’t really breaking the law; but rather fulfilling it to make it better.

I like Trump because he got “Balls” . He’s not afraid to break a few rules to get the job done. He’s not afraid to step on a few toes either. He keeps his promises, as well.

Even though, I was afraid of him at first, I like him now more and more.

We need people like Trump, Reagan, Martin Luther and most important Jesus, to keep the establishment in check.