Mental Illness: There’s still so much we don’t know!

As I said when I first started writing my blog, I’m no expert, I’m full of opinions.

This subject is a tricky one but I feel that it’s important especially in today’s eras. There’s so much that we don’t fully understand about mental illness. It’s also a subject most people don’t wants to talk about. Some people may even try to avoid this subject or dealing with someone who has mental illness of some form or another. It’s getting better than what it used to be years ago; but still it’s a “hot topic.”

Years ago, anyone with mental illness were institutionalize in a state hospital and separated from their family. Sometimes, some family members don’t know why a person isn’t around anymore. They are put away and forgotten about. That way they don’t have to face the issue of mental illness in their lives.

As I had written in my blog on the Kennedys, John F. Kennedy had a sister, named Rosemary; who had a form of mental illness. His parents kept that secret from the rest of the family because they felt that she was a disgrace to the family. She was locked away into a mental institution.

Now the Kennedys weren’t the only ones who had done that. Many family have done that to avoid dealing with the issues of mental illness.

These mental institutions were full of people who suffered with all kinds of mental illness and being abandoned by their own family.

Not only were they abandoned by their family and locked away in these institutions; they were also forced to have a lobotomy.

Now Lobotomy is a surgical operation involving incision into the prefrontal lobe of the brain.

They were also put through electroshock therapy.

Not only that, they were sterilized; so that they couldn’t have any kids themselves. People were afraid that they would create more kids like them.

This was almost too unbelievable. Some may thinks that it’s only happens in the movies. It can’t happens in real life. One of the most popular movie from the 60’s and 70’s was “One Flew over the Cuckoo Nest”, starring Jack Nicholson.

The nearest mental institution to Fargo, ND are: Fergus Falls on the east side in Minnesota, Jamestown on the West and Grafton on the North. They are now closed now, thank goodness!

Many horror stories had happened in these mental institutions. A lot of them very scary and creepy. I don’t want to scare anybody. I will keep that for a future Halloween blog.

It’s not just mental illness but all forms of disabilities that people doesn’t wants to deal with; so they are lock away. John Ritter had a brother who had Cerebral Palsy. It was a dark Hollywood’s secret.

I have a cousin with Cerebral Palsy. When his parents was adopting him, the adoption agency didn’t want to let them have him because of his disability. I’m glad that they kept him. He can still do a lot despite of his disability. He’s a viable part of my family and I love him.

Like I said earlier, this topic on mental illness is getting better. Anyone with mental or physical disabilities aren’t lock away in these hell holes called the mental institutions.

Now, they are put into a group home and being intertwine into the community. They are becoming a viable part of society. Some are even working part time. Now that is good to see.

In these mental institutions, they are overly medicated. When you happens to see them, they have this daze look on their faces and slobbering like a rabid dog.

Speaking of being overly medicated, the schools have become a breeding ground of ADD, Adult Deficit Disorder. I don’t know about you but how many actually have ADD? If you asked me, children are very active and they should be. They should have the rights to be a kid. Teachers feels that they are overly active and uncontrollable; so they would say that that have ADD and medicated them, that way they can control them better in class.

There are some kids who are just active and should be. Also sometimes, they are not being challenge in school; so they lose their attention span and focus. I won’t go too much on this subject; I will save this part for a blog on education.

I have heard stories of how some celebrities or the rich would pay to make sure that their children are physically and mentally healthy. If they noticed any defects in the ultrasounds, they will either alter the DNA or terminate the pregnancy. They don’t want to deal with a disabled child. They are a disgrace to their names.

Just like years ago when they were put into a mental institution. I believe that was why the Kennedys put Rosemary Kennedy away and hid her from the rest of the family. Even John Ritter’s brother was kept into an institution.

It’s not just the rich who does that. A lot of people would do that. I have relatives on my step-dad’s side that were put into an institution and forgotten about.

Like I said earlier, this is sticky subject. Not many wants to talk about it. It’s slowly coming out in the open to be dealt with. Governor Burgum’s wife is pushing for help to those dealing with mental illness. But first we need to comes to an understanding about this subject; and not try to cover it up.

They may have some form of disabilities; but they are still beautiful.

Maybe some days we can come to fully comprehend this topic on mental illness, and not try hide it away.

There are many forms of mental illness too. The list is too long to go on; so I will have to kind of end here.