Walter Cronkite-and after

Now Walter Cronkite was the last reporter who had integrity. He was the last reporter with believability.

You can’t say that about today’s reporters!

When Walter Cronkite did the evening news he stuck with the facts. He kept his opinion to himself. He wasn’t bias and favored the Democrats. I have more respect for him than I have for today’s reporters. He deserved it too.

I’m not saying that Walter Cronkite didn’t cry on the air when he reported the news. I mean he was human.

There was at least 2 times that he cried while on the air that I know of. He cried when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and killed. Then again we all cried when that happened. He also cried, with joyful tears when man first walked on the moon.

Now days the reporters are so bias. They seems to favor the Democratic party. Let us look at the 2016 election results. When the election night started, the faked news media were all having a party thinking that old Hillary Clinton was elected President. Toward the end of the night, they soon stop partying and started crying because Trump was elected President. They couldn’t understand why. They hated Trump that bad and would stop at nothing to downgrade his Presidency. They blamed the Russians for collusion. They never covered the truth. They only covered what they wants to covered.

If you wants the whole story, you have to turned to Fox news to get it. I’m not saying that they aren’t bias either though.

When Walter Cronkite retired from CBS evening news, Dan Rather had taken over for him. That was when fake news had begun. CBS news was the first of the fake news media.

Like I said in my blog on Megan Kelly, when I called her the Queen on Fake News. Well, Dan Rather is the Father of Fake news. Years later he was fired from CBS news because he got caught in making up the news. He’s still in the news and he recently stated that us Trump’s supporters is a part of a cult. He doesn’t want, like the others fake news media, doesn’t want to see the truth.

The other news station soon follow in the line of CBS news and became the faked news. The last was ABC news. The reason why they were the last was because when Peter Jennings lost his battle with cancer, it became the end of integrity and honesty in the news making business.

I was taught in journalism that a good reporter mustn’t be bias. They have to do their research and gather the facts before reporting the news. They had the 5 w’s that they had to go by. The 5 w’s are: who, what, why, where, and when. They don’t do that anymore. They are supposed to keep their opinions to themselves. Even Murphey Brown in her reboot series said, “today’s reporters don’t gather the facts anymore.”

It’s not about getting the facts and getting to the truth that matter. It’s only about the bigger paycheck. They care more for the almighty dollar than the truth.

As I said, Megan Kelly left Fox news for a bigger payoff from NBC. She was soon fired though; but she is sitting good though.

Even these Democratic debates are boring because the moderator are on the left media. They are not asking important tough questions.

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s we had Yellow Journalism. What we got now with the faked news media is way worst than yellow journalism.

This is almost as bad as these gossips rags, such as the National Enquire. They are not doing the news justice. What they are doing is slanderous.

The Washington Post is just another form of the National Enquire. They are way worst then they were during the Watergate scandal. At least back then they did investigated. Now they are just making up the news as they go. Just like all the other faked news media out there.

As a kid, I didn’t care in watching the news, because I thought it was boring. It’s now far from boring now! A person doesn’t want to watch the news now because of their bias. They have no integrity when it comes to reporting the news. They will only say what they want to say. If they don’t agree with it they won’t tell you.

I have written letters to the Editor of the Fargo Forum before I started my blogs. Believe me, there were information that they would cut because they didn’t agreed with. When they did that they took the original meaning out of what I was saying, and made me look very foolish. (I hope that the Fargo Forum reads this blog, then they will know that I’m on to them.)

This is the reason why the news media isn’t as popular now as they were years ago. They now holds one of the most hated jobs ever. They are as hated as the IRS and our career politicians. No wonder Pres. Trump calls them the Faked news. There is nothing real about them anymore.

Walter Cronkite would roll over in his grave if he knew how bad the news had become. They don’t get my respect like Walter Cronkite did.

Thank God for the internet! If you wants all the facts, just go on line and you can finds it. I’m not saying that you can believe what you read though. You have to cipher the truth.