The First Immigrant

Happy Thanksgiving!!

The first immigrants was our ancestors who came over from Europe when they discovered America. It was the Pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower and landed on Plymouth Rock.

They were welcomed by the Indians that were already living in this country.

I’m not going to call them Native Americans. I’m calling them by their rightful names, the American Indians.

It was the Indians who taught the Pilgrims about farming, fishing, and hunting to get a bountiful harvest. They were peaceful Indians.

One of the tricks that the Indians showed the Pilgrims was putting a dead fish in with the seed as they plant their crops. When they did that, they had a bountiful harvest. It was so bountiful, that they celebrated together for the very first Thanksgiving.

What did us white folks give/do for the Indians?

They introduced them to “fire water”; which today is known as whiskey.

You see, the Indians were very spiritual. Once they were introduced to whiskey, things started changing for the worst for them. They picked up the habits of becoming an alcoholic.

Another thing, the American Indians were infested with such diseases as small pox. Now small pox came from the white man. At that time there was no cure; so it killed many Indians.

The American Indians were the first American citizen. They were peaceful and were taken advantage of by the white man. For all the good things they did for the pilgrims, they sure wasn’t treated very nice. They were forced into reservation, got hook on alcohol, and even was given many sickness. They were treated like savage. They were treated like second-rate citizen. Many American Indians had lost their lives due to war as well.

Enough about the Indians though. Let us talk about the first immigrants, the pilgrims.

Now the reason that the pilgrims came to America was for freedom. They were trying to break free from the oppression of the monarchy that ruled England at the time. They wanted freedom of religion. They wanted to get out from being under the King of England’s thumb.

The reason for the Boston Tea Party was because they were upset for the high taxation on teas and other imports. Now the Boston Tea Party was the start of the Revolution War.

So I can understand the reason for immigrants wanting to come to America. They too comes for freedom like our ancestors. They are tired of the oppression in their home country. They also wants the prosperity that comes to those in America as well.

So when they come to America legally, that is fine; but when they come illegally like crossing the boarder between Mexico and the United States, that is where I put my foot down. Not only do they come illegally. Some also brings drugs and guns by smuggling them across the boarder.

It’s almost like they are doing to us what we did to the American Indians.

Not only that, they takes jobs away from our people. They are living on the welfare system set up by our government. Us, taxpayers are paying for them to have a good life without having to work for it. Some are taking advantage of us like we did the Indians.

Like I said, I understand that they are just trying to escape the oppression of their corrupt government in their home country.

What get me is that those on the Left is allowing them to take advantage of us Americans. They also don’t realize what they are offering these immigrants, is the same things that they are trying to escape from. They are offering Socialism; which is total government control.

I will go more into that subject in another blog later.

All I will say, there are some who doesn’t wants Socialism; because they know what it is.

Another example is the riot in China. Some of the people are rioting up against the Chinese government oppression. I’m glad that they are standing up to their government.

My grandfather’s family came from Germany when he was just a kid. Old Frank Heger even served in the military during WW1. So you see, I’m a grandchild of an immigrant.

We all are descendants of immigrant one way or another. So if you wanting to come to America, do it the legal way and you will truly be welcome. We are not here to offer you free money, healthcare, etc. You must work for it like the rest of us.

So this Thanksgiving as you gather with your family eating your Thanksgiving meal, remembered the first Thanksgiving; when the pilgrims ate with the true American citizen, the American Indians. When you happen to see an Indians thanks them for welcoming us into their country. Thanks them for teaching us how to have a bountiful harvest as well.

The most important, may we feel guilty for what we did and are still doing to the American Indians.