Suck you dry, emotionally!

Do you know anyone who is an emotional vampire? Maybe you work for them or with them? Maybe you are married to them or it’s someone in your own family. Or wherever you may encounter that person?

Last year for my Halloween blog, I wrote about people love affair with a vampire. How people seems to have this romance with them; compared to years ago.

Even though you may be in love with a vampire, sometimes they can be very dangerous to your emotional health.

Those vampires in your life are bloodsucker. They can suck you dry if you are not careful. They have a way to manipulating you to just drain you emotionally.

I recently read this book that I’m holding in the picture at the top of the blog. This book is very interesting.

I have to admit when I was working at Kmart, there was a manager, who I would say was an emotional vampire. He was not a manager material. Once he retired and came into the store he was a whole different person. He was calmer. I don’t think he should had been a manager or the store that he was managing was too big for him to handle. He was stressed out and he was stressing out the employees as well.

Emotional vampires are just bullies crying out for help. Some bullies were/are victims themselves.

It’s not your blood that they drain, it’s your emotional energy. When that is drained, you are susceptible to many forms of illness from cancer to ulcers, to whatever will wear your body down. A person may even get migraines.

I have to admit, since leaving Kmart, I haven’t had a migraine for awhile.

Some people can be very good at manipulating to get under your skin and drain you dry. They know how to stress you out and control you if you are not careful.

If vampires want something from you, they may say and do whatever it takes to get it. They may not be totally honest with you either. They thinks that they are being honest but they’re not. They are not telling you the whole story for a purpose. That purpose to control you; so that they can get what they want.

Like the serpent in the Garden of Eden in Genesis. He manipulated Eve into taking the apple from the tree of life; in which God forbid them. You probably knows the story.

Those who are married to an emotional vampire will not see it as abuse. To them abuse is either physical or sexual; not emotional. If there is no mark left on you, there is not abuse. That is how emotional vampire can control you in a relationship.

The Bible says that a person must not be yoke with a non-believer. It will only bring about abuse, emotional abuse.

There is help for those who are dealing with emotional vampires. You just have to admit that you needs help. You have to admit that that you are being abused.

My mother would never admit that she was being emotionally abuse. She felt that since there was no physical abuse, there was no abuse. Throughout my folks 40 years of marriage, he was able to wear her down.

Then again she grew up in that type of environment; so that was all she had known. They say a woman would marry someone like their father and a man will marry someone like their mother.

Toward the end of my mother’s life, she was more concerned about my step-dad’s health than her own. She was worn down, making her easier to control.

That is how an emotional vampire works. They looks for ways to wear a person down just to control them. They are bloodsuckers, leaches, and bullies.

Now bullies are just crying out for help themselves.

Once you are worn down, you will be susceptible to all kinds of illness: such as ulcers, cancer, flu, any kinds of viruses, bugs, etc. Your body is slowly shutting down it’s energy field.

When that happens, it is a must to get yourself out of the situation before you are killed. You also must find someone who can help you restore your energy level. It’s a long process and takes time. But first, you must recognize that you are being abuse emotionally. You must recognize that you are being manipulated.

Once you do that, then you can continue on to the next step to get out of the situation if you can. And also seek the help to restore your energy level to get healthy again.

You can still love that person and even pray for them. You just have to get yourself out of that situation before it’s too late.