When Fame goes to Your Head

Do you know the similarity between Taylor Swift, LeAnn Rimes, and Tanya Tucker?

First of all, they all were under 18 years old when they hit it big in the music industry. Once they became an adult and went Hollywood, they went on a downhill slide and fame started going to their head.

Tanya Tucker was 13 when her first #1 song, “Delta Dawn”, became a hit. She dated Glen Campbell after recording her duet with him. She even accused him of being abusive. That was about the same time that she went Hollywood. She lost her way along the way.

LeAnn Rimes was also 13 when she hit it big in Country music. Her first hit song was, “Blue”. Once she turned 18, she sued her father and gone Hollywood.

Taylor Swift was only 17 years old though. She was a country diva sensation until she decided to go pop. She had a tendency of dating and then breaking up with them. After breaking up, she would write songs about the men she dated. Some may say that she must have a low self-esteem. It even got to the point that some men were afraid of dating her because they were afraid that she would write a song about them. I won’t go into the guys she dated; because I think that you get the message.

The more popular she became, the more of a diva she becomes as well. She had her set of feuds with other stars. She also had gone Hollywood as well.

I have to admit, she does have some good songs. I’m just not too happy with the direction she went. Not that she went pop but that fame went to her head like Tanya Tucker and LeAnn Rimes. She started hanging out with the wrong entourage and I feel that they are taking advantage of her. I’m not even going to go into her political views.

Those 3 are not the only ones where fame had gone to their head. There are many who had fallen. A bad things about child stars, some of them had fallen hard. Some may had went broke or died young due to drug abuse. Some had lost their ways.

There are few that was able to grow up into a mature adult and still make a name for themselves. Those that were able to do that, they were well grounded. My hat goes off to them. Then there are some who just struggled once they became an adult. I’m not saying that they didn’t continue their careers though. It goes to show how fame can go to a person head if you are not grounded.

It’s not just child stars though, that have that trouble though.

Some stars can be very demanding when it comes to performing a concert. You probably heard how some stars only wants certain colors of M&M’s. That is just minor.

Paul McCartney, who is a strict vegetarian. If any meat by-product touch the cooking equipment and/or utensils, they have to be replaced before he would perform there.

Most recently, Celine Dion demanded not one but 2 white leather couch for her dressing room. She also wanted carpet on the arena floor; because she doesn’t want to see cement. The rolls of chairs must be spaced in a way to make the arena looks fuller. She is a DIVA, just like Taylor Swift.

Justin Bieber brought his own hot tub for his dressing room. Try to get it into the room was quite impossible.

Speaking of Justin Bieber, he was 13 years old when he was discovered on u tube. Believe me, I was concerned that fame would goes to his head; and that was what had happened once he hit 18. We all know the trouble he had. He hung out with the wrong entourage and they took advantage of him.

Just like Taylor Swift is doing .

Justin Bieber said that he found Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. I’m not going to judge him because of his faith. That is between him and Jesus. If he is genuine, more power to him; but if he’s pretending, God will knows.

Singers who seems to be more down-to-earth I have more respect for. When I saw Luke Bryan at one of his concert, he gave everyone a high five as he walks past, when he got off the stage. That memory I will treasure.

Now to explain that picture at the top of this blog. It’s hard to be humble. Our pride can get in the way. Fame and success can really change a person, if they are not grounded.

Here’s an example: when I was working at Concordia College and making pretty good money, I was doing a little bragging. I believed that the Lord had taken it away because of my boasting. Pride goes before a fall.

Now, I’m being a little careful with my bragging; so that I don’t become too boastful over the success. Even if and when my blogs goes viral, may the Lord keeps me humble. No matter how high I get, the Lord will still be #1 in my life.

Believe me, it’s not easy to keep fame and success from going to your head. Anyone who says that it is, is a liar.

I’m hoping that these stars who let fame goes to their head will find their way back.

Believe me, I’m all for a person got to be themselves; because no one else can.