Rush Limbaugh: Who does he thinks he is?

As you can tell from some of my blogs, I’m a Conservative Republicans who voted and supported for Trump.

Mr. Rush Limbaugh is also a Conservative Republican as well. He can also comes across as a blowhard like Ed Schultz. The only difference between Limbaugh and Schultz is one is a Republican and the other was Democrat. Even Ed Shultz was a Republican at one time. He just went over to the dark side. He went where the money was at that time. This blog is not about him though. This time it’s about Rush Limbaugh instead.

The first time I heard Rush Limbaugh on his talk show, I had problems listening to him. I knew people who likes him and follow what he says. I just couldn’t grasp it all.

The thing that bothered me about him was this feelings that I get when I listened to him. To me, he felt that he was god; and you better believe him or else. He was so full of himself.

Believe me, people like that, I have problem with.

If you know that person personally either in your family or co-workers, or boss, they can become an emotional vampire. I won’t goes into that at this time because that is another near future blog.

The more I listens to Rush Limbaugh, the more I starts to understands him better. He may come across as a blowhard and like god; but I have to admit some of things he had said seems to be true. All you have to do is gather the facts to what he says. Just do your research and see for yourself.

I have to admit, I would loves to have his popularity with my blogs as well. I would like to have as many followers as he have.

Some people may thinks that I too can be a blowhard at times. Some people may even wondered if I actually knows what I’m talking about; since I’m no expert. Some people may wondered if I too thinks that I am god.

Well I’m not god and I’m no expert. I just have plenty of opinions about things that I happens to write about. I’m not saying that you have to believe everything I say. I just wants you to enjoy what I write. If you happens to believe more power to you.

I can’t fix the world’s problems; but I can at least shares my opinions with others.

I can only hope that is Rush Limbaugh’s motives as well. I don’t believe everything he says; but he is entertaining. It does seems that most of what he says seems to come true.

May that also happens to me as well.

Rush Limbaugh isn’t god; even though I, at one time felt that he saw himself as god. He is just a man, a celebrity. He’s an entertainer.

We have some similarities with each other. We’re both Conservative Republicans. We both have blogs out there to share our opinions with the world. He is just more famous than I am.

One thing, I think we both can agree on is: you have the rights to thinks for yourself. You can either agree or disagree with us.

Those on the Left don’t agree with that. They get angry if you don’t agree with them. They calls you derogatory, hateful, hurtful names. They are against us being free thinkers, like in the book, “1984”. They are against Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Speech.

If they had their ways, people like Rush Limbaugh and I will not be able to profit with our opinions. They will shut us up or may even have us killed. They may even try to censor us.

So if you like Rush Limbaugh; I hope that you can come to like me as well. Even if you don’t like us, you have that rights too. This is still a free country.

President Trump is wanting to keep America free too!