What I like about Halloween

Happy Halloween to all my readers out there(ha,ha,ha)!

As you can see I love dressing up for Halloween. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

Some Christian church leaders may frown on this. They see Halloween as Satan worshipping.

I’m not going into that in this blog this time around; but I’m not saying I won’t down the road. I’m just going to keep it light and humorous for a change.

To me, Halloween is one of the most fun time for kids and adults alike. I mean, the idea of playing dress up is so much fun. (You probably didn’t knew this but it was my dream to be an actor in Hollywood, before Hollywood had gotten too weird and gone over to the dark side and became the Far Left.)

What kids doesn’t love getting candies and lots of it?

I could remember the fun I had on Halloweens throughout my life so far.

Plus more kids went out trick and treating for Halloweens than what they seems to do now. Now it seems they just goes to the mall instead. As an adults it’s fun to see the costumes the kids are wearing and the joy on their faces as you hand out candies.

It just seems because of all the scary stuff going on in the world today, kids aren’t trick and treating as much anymore. I can understand that. The world is becoming scary. You never know what people would do on Halloween.

If parents did their jobs; Halloween can still be fun and safe for our kids.

Even though both my parents worked, they made sure that we were safe on Halloween as well. I remembered when we were done trick and treating, my mother would goes through the candies stash we got to make sure that they were safe to eat. She would make sure that there was no open candies, and stuff like that.

As a kid, I think that she had an ulterior motives as well. She was going through to pick out her favorite candy as well.

There was some Halloween that it was raining out. I even remembered snow on Halloween.

My last year that I went trick and treating was when I was 12 years old and in the 6th grade. We were living on the farm and my mother took us 2 youngest kids into Hawley to trick and treat, while she visit with our grandmother.

Some of the costumes that I wore throughout Halloweens were amazing. As I kid, I would dress up as Superman for Halloween. My favorite superhero.

When I went to college, I went to a few Halloween parties where I dress up. In this blog, I will give you some ideas of costumes that I worn so far in my life.

Way back in college, I dressed up as a caveman. I was skinnier and the costume was short, so when I bent over, a person could see my shorts.

I even dressed up as a person from the 50’s. I wore jeans with white t-shirt, black wig, and sunglasses.

I can’t remembered all the costumes I worn because it was too many.

Back in 2008, I dressed up like Obama. I worn the mask of his liking along with a blue suit. I heard someone say that that was the best costumes ever. I went to a Halloween party dress like that; and the people just loved it.

One time I dress up as a prisoner with the prison costume and all. I was working at Kmart at the time, and the manager just didn’t get it. I was making a statement at the time. Halloween was a time for me to make a statement.

I even dressed up as a slave and I used my Kmart id number as my slave number. Once again the manager just didn’t get it.

In 2016, I dressed up as Donald Trump. I wore his mask along with a suit. I think I had gotten more negative comment with that costume than I did with Obama, go figured.

If you remembered last year, I dressed up as a doctor for Halloween. That costume was just perfect since I work at Sanford. I had people calling me doctor at work.

I would even sometimes decorate for Halloween; not as much as Christmas though.

I try to make sure that I have candies for Halloween just in case I get anyone going trick and treating, and if I happened to be home. Living in an apartment, there isn’t many who goes out trick and treating like when I was a child.

I miss those days of innocence. I still likes dressing up and I will probably do it until I can’t do it anymore.

In a way, Halloween is almost like those on the Far left who feels that they are entitled to things. Like the joke goes, “Trick or treat! I’m entitled to your candies.”

Like in the Steven King movie, “Storm of the Century,” “give me what I want and I will go away.”

So when they comes trick and treating welcome them with candies for their pumpkins or bags. Don’t put anything in the candies that will harm the kids. Don’t ruin Halloween for them. Don’t take away their innocence!

I may not like going out to late after dark if I don’t have to anymore; but I still love Halloween and dressing up for it. I know that I will wear this costume to work on Halloween in the daytime. Who knows maybe I will wear it that evening when I work at the my other job as well.

Be safe this Halloween! May you get plenty of treats. Have fun, because that is what Halloween is all about, having fun. You are never too old to have fun on Halloween. I don’t care what age you are. Some even decorate their car or their place.

Have a Ghoulish time!!!