At War with the Cattle Industry

There had always been some kinds of war with the cattle industry throughout history.

During the 1800’s, when the cowboys roam the earth; some ranchers felt that their cattle should be able to roam free. Many were against building fences to keep their cattle in. So instead, they branded them, so they can tell their cattle from somebody else. Plus, people trusted others more back then.

Some cattle ranchers dislike sheep herders. So there was a feud there as well.

My step-dad had an on-going feud with a neighbor who raised goats. He didn’t like it very much that their goats would get on his property. He felt that they were contaminating the pasture land for his cattle. You see, they didn’t believe in building a fence; and they would get onto our land to graze.

Some farmers have their favorite type of cattle to raise. So there can be a little feud there as well.

Holstein was considered milking cattle. My step-dad didn’t much care for them. He said that raising Holstein is a lot more work for one. They are harder keeper. When raising Holstein, you are pretty much tied to the farm.

My step-dad preferred the Black Angus; and we raised them on the farm. They are easy keepers. They are good with their young. You don’t have to really watch them when the time came for them to give birth. Black Angus are good eating as well, because they are built stocky. They are not overly fat.

Holstein are not the best beef cattle; because they don’t put the weight on as well as the Angus. The reason, they are more for milking purpose.

Anyway, the vegans and vegetarians wants to regulate the cattle industry. They wants to tell everyone to go vegan. Don’t they know that will hurt the cattle industry? That will also hurt agriculture economy?

Years ago, Oprah got into trouble with the cattle industry down in Texas for her comment she had made against them. They sued her, and she had to retract.

Some vegans and vegetarians are very strict, for example: Paul McCartney. If any meat or meat by product touch the appliances, utensils, etc.; it has to be replace.

Cory Booker, who is running for President, wants to regulate the cattle industry. He wants to make everyone become a vegan or a vegetarian like him.

Alexandra Cortez wants to banned cow farts. She believes that it is poisoning our o-zone area.

There is a joke on u-tube, in which Cortez was drinking milk and was asked do you know where milk came from? She said, “the milk carton.”

It goes to show what she knows. Milk comes from cattle.

The reason why these vegans and vegetarians are so against eating beef or meat altogether, is because they feels that it’s not healthy for you.

I’m here to tell you. It’s not eating beef that is bad for you; it’s the chemicals that is being used around our cattle. Chemical, like Round Up is poisoned. If you wants healthy cattle, go natural! My step-dad did. He was against using any form of chemicals on his crops from the vegetables garden to growing his hay.

When it came to feeding the cattle, he fed them hay or let them eat grass. It was better for them. He never fed them corn; because corn just makes them fat. You wants them stocky but not overweight.

Last year, I wrote a blog on eat your vegetables. I have been eating more vegetables as I’m on a healthy lifestyle diet.

I don’t think that the government should tells you what to eat or not to eat. They don’t have the right to dictate. This is still a free country.

Sure, I have cut back on eating meat; but I still eat meat once in awhile. I love a good hamburger or a good steak. I don’t want the government to tells me that I shouldn’t eat meat.

I believe that a good eating steak or hamburger must be an Angus.

So Cortez or people like her, when you are drinking milk remember, milk comes from cows not just a milk carton.