Marilyn Manson: Just Plain Creepy

For those who didn’t already known, he was at the Fargo Dome this past Friday night; which happened to had been my birthday as well.

Marilyn Manson was born Brian Hugh Warner on January 5, 1969 in Canton, Ohio. He took the name Marilyn Manson from Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson.

I can understand stage personality to attract fans. It’s a gimmics. It’s part of entertainment. A lot of singers/performers looks for ways to entertain the audience during a live performance. They don’t just depend on their singing ability.

When he first came out, there were people who thought that he was on Wonder Years as a friend of Kevin Arnold, played by Fred Savage. That was a big rumor back then.

His style is more Gothic. Which makes him very creepy looking. Now as I mentioned in my blog, “Love affair with a vampire,” there are people into gothic.

He painted his face a pale white and wore black lipstick to make himself creepy and gothic looking.

To me, it’s just creeps me out. I’m not into his type of music.

Now I can tolerate Alice Cooper. He was normal compare to Marilyn Manson.

Alice Cooper real name was Vincent Damon Furnier. He was a son of a preacher. Alice Cooper had done some outrageous things while on stage performing. It was nothing like Marilyn Manson though.

I can even tolerate one of the greatest rock group of my time, KISS. They, too had worn makeup as part of their stage persona. They are imitated by another rock group, Hairball.

KISS was known to throw wild party inside of their hotel room and trash the place; while on the road.

That’s nature in the world of rock music. They get crazy with their antics.

I’ve heard stories about when Marilyn Manson was in Fargo the last time. He had to have a babysitter/security guard around to watch over him to make sure that he behave himself. He would get drunk and crazy. I even heard of some of his outrageous stage performances. One of the performances, he grabbed one of the security guy and pushed him down and his head into his crotch, right on stage. How discussing!!

Alice Cooper and KISS never done that.

I couldn’t work load in for his concert because of other commitment. I wouldn’t want to work load out because Marilyn Manson creeps me out. It was my birthday and having him at the Fargo Dome was not a good birthday present for me.

I mean, it would had been nice seeing the set-up for his concert. But that’s as far as I go with seeing him.