You can’t always get what you want

It would be nice if we could get what we want all the times. I mean who wouldn’t wants to get what they want when they wants it. I mean there are things that I would love and wish I could get.

I will show why it isn’t such a good idea to always get what you wants. You wouldn’t appreciated it as much. It would be like a new toy you get for Christmas or your birthday. It’s fun to play with at first; but once the newness runs out, you’ll get bored of it.

It will create people of entitlement. Believe me, we have enough of those running around in the world today.

Let me start with the Old Testament, in Judges and 1 and 2 Samuel. The Jews wanted a king to lead them like their neighbor. God didn’t want that for His people. Not because He is a jealous God; but because He knew how they wouldn’t appreciated it.

God eventually gave in to the Jews whining and begging, and gave into their whims and wishes , to give them a king. For those who read the Bible, knows what happened afterward. King Saul turned out to be a bad selfless king, and then they got King David, and the list goes on…

Some children can manipulate their parents by having a temper tantrum just to get what they want. Parents will gives in because they don’t want to see their children unhappy. They wants to shut them up.

I remembered when I was a teenager and my nephew was having a fit because his father wouldn’t take him along with him. He threw himself down on the sidewalk in Hawley. It took my mother, his grandmother to get up and calm down. The tactic she used was buying him some ice cream inside the drugstore.

I also remembered when my mother told me that we will get a part time job at 13 years old. The job was picking berries at Granrude fruit farm. It wasn’t that we had to get out and work. It was to teach us the value of hard work and the value of money. By earning our own money, we could help buy our school clothes and anything else that we may want. So you see I have been working pretty much since I was 13 years old. I come to appreciate the lesson from that. At that time I didn’t, and really didn’t appreciate the idea of getting a JOB.

If the kids of Sam Walton was made to work their way up at Wal-Mart; maybe they would take better care of their employees.

Some of these young Leftist like Cortez for example, if they had to get out and work at an early age, maybe they wouldn’t be the way they are today. They wants to offer everybody free money. Because they don’t understand the value of money and hard work.

If I had kids, I wouldn’t buy them cell phone. I would make them work for it once they become old enough to do so. They would appreciate it more.

When a child is given everything they want just by having a temper tantrum, the thing that they learn is that they can get anything they want if they just cry and make a scene.

Life is not that way. Sometimes you just got to work for what you want.

I know work is a dirty word to some people.

I have more respect to parents who laid down the law before entering the store and tells their children that they will not get what they want; even if they have a temper tantrum. I lose respect to parents who gives in to their children temper tantrum.

Sometimes that happens just to teach us a lesson. Like when God will gives in to our temper tantrum to teach us. It can be use as a learning tool. See, I warn you about why you really don’t need that. It can teach us to have patient. It can teach us to have compassion and not to get too big for our britches. It can teach us to be more appreciative when we finally do get what we want.

Through the years of working for a living, when the time came that I came into an inheritance, I appreciated it even more. I made sound wise decisions for my future. I invested part of my inheritance.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t buy our kids gifts. I’m just saying parents must not give in to their temper tantrum.

Even some older kids feels that they are entitled to more because they are the oldest. It had been like that through the ages, even in the Bible.

Some only child will feels that they entitled to things.

I was an only child until I was 6 years old. Whenever I wanted something, all I did was point to it and my grandmother would give it to me. My mother was upset at her because she did that.

So as a child, I never got everything that I wanted. Am I jealous of the other kids who did. Maybe a little! It did helped me appreciate the things I got when I was able to get it myself down the road. It taught me the value of hard work and the value of money. I came to appreciate my inheritance. I even bought myself a nice bed out of it.

I would love to have that free money that these Leftist is offering, and who wouldn’t. What will that teach us? It will teach us nothing.