Is It Greed or Moving Forward?

This is a good question that is probably on a lot people minds.

I may be jumping around; but I hope to give you some good examples to help you decide.

First, let me start with, earlier this year, Governor Doug Burgum sign a bill allowing business to open earlier on Sunday; thus overturning the Blue Law.

Now North Dakota was the last state in the union have businesses to be open on Sunday. At first, they had to wait until noon to open up. Now either August or September, businesses can open up earlier on Sunday.

As I wrote in my blog, “Never on a Sunday,” I wrote the pros and cons about Sunday opening.

From a business point of view, I can understand the reason for being open on a Sunday. It helped a lot of businesses in Fargo; once they were able to be open on Sunday. It did hurt Moorhead though, because they didn’t prepare for it.

On the downside of it, it hurts family time. It allowed businesses to hire more part time help. By having only part time help, business owner didn’t have to pay out benefits. They can earn more of a profit.

Is that moving forward or greed?

I believe in a Capitalist society. I believe in making money the old fashion way, by working for it. That’s the American dream!

Another example is downtown Fargo. I have to admit; since they are finally fixing up downtown, it looks nice. It’s just too expensive for the average Joe to live and shop downtown. It seems that they are turning Fargo into a bigger Metropolitan.

I’m not a big fan of that.

Fargo had the small town atmosphere that I miss. Crimes is up downtown. The way Fargo is becoming; it makes me miss the old farm that I grew up on. Where everything was peaceful. I would like to retire some place reclusive. I take the country over big metropolitan city. You can have Chicago!

Is that moving forward or greed?

Prosperity is just around the corner. Since Trump took office, things been looking up for America. The stock market been doing very good. There is more job prospects. It goes so that it takes a businessman to be President; because they know what is best.

Since Trump took office, even my investment been doing good. I have a better paying job with benefits. My future looks bright. I’m actually looking forward to retirement. The reason: I feel that I will be able to retire when I become 65. I have to admit, I didn’t always felt that way. I felt that I could end up working until I died.

Am I moving forward or am I greedy person?

I just want my share of the pie.

How about you? Do you want your share of the pie? Are you willing to move forward to get it? Does that make us greedy?

We must not look back but to learn from our history. Keep both hands on the wheel and keep moving forward. It’s time that we leave the past behind. We all have a past that we may not be proud of.

Are you sitting on your duff and doing nothing or are you going to get off your lazy ass and make something of yourself; by moving forward? You got to have the get-up and go to be able to move forward. Sometimes, you got to make up your mind and just do it.

If I didn’t start the ball rolling over a year ago, I probably would had still been in sinking ship at Kmart. I surprise everyone there when I actually quit.

When I heard that there is a possibility of making money with my blog, and also being able to share my opinion and thoughts; believe me I took the bull by the horn. It may a slow start right now; but you got to start somewhere.

I have been told that I do have the umption to be a go-getter. Sometimes, we just need a little push.

I remembered in my Senior year in high school. I made up my mind to get more involved with school activity; even though my mother worked night and my step-dad was very old-fashioned and strict.

So it goes to show that I’m a go-getter; if I want something bad enough.

So you tell me, is it moving forward or greed?