Ross Perot: The Man who was ahead of his time

As you probably had heard, Ross Perot had passed away this past week. He was 89 years old.

He was old when he ran for President back in 1992. It could had been because I was young and to the young people anyone older than them are old.

Ross Perot was a businessman like Donald Trump. He was just ahead of his time.

The news media was very harsh on him. They made him look like he was crazy as a fox.

No one took him seriously. Yet, some of the stuff he had said actually came true.

Think about it: how many young people takes the elderly seriously? They think that they are off their rocker.

Anyway, when Ross Perot ran for President in 1992; he was thorn in the first George Bush’s side. Because of him running for President, the Conservative votes of the Republican party was divided. That was why Bill Clinton was elected President. He was the lesser of 3 evils.

I was a young Republican at the time and wasn’t about to divide the party. So I voted for the first George Bush. I voted for him in 1988, since he was Vice-President under Ronald Reagan, the greatest Republican President; and the reason why I became a Republican in the first place.

I voted for the first George Bush in 1992 because I felt that he had proven himself as President. I also was still a new Republican.

I never wanted his sons, George W. or Jeb Bush.

You think that the media was hard on Pres. Trump? Well they were just as hard on Ross Perot. He never stood a chance against the media. He also ran as an Independent. At that time, the country wasn’t ready for a third party candidate.

The older I had became, the more I started hating the Establishment in Washington. I believe that I’m not alone too. I mean, how else could you explain, Donald Trump.

He isn’t your everyday career politician. He was a businessman first. He stood up to the mainstream and social media. He called them fake news. Some may think that he doesn’t respect reporters. You can’t respect reporters if they don’t respect anybody. I like Trump because he tells it like it is.

He just happens to came at the right time. When the American people had enough with our government. Whereas Ross Perot was just a little ahead of his time.

In 1992, the American people wasn’t ready for the change we are going through now. I mean, first of all, President Reagan offered the similar change when he was President. Reagan wasn’t part of the Establishment either. He had faced opposition from both parties and the news media as well. Even the first George Bush was nothing like Reagan. Reagan gave us a taste; but we weren’t ready for it.

There was probably others before Perot who fought against the Establishment. Just like there was others after Perot.

The tea party was formed under George W. Bush, to shape up the Republicans.

Herman Cain, the CEO from Dominos ran for President in 2012. The media was tough on him as well.

When Donald Trump came along, we were ready for a change. He may had been harsh; but we needed someone like him to stand up against the critics.

You may think that I’m harsh. I don’t apologized for that either.

Change is not ever easy. The baby boomers and older; even some of us Generation X, are not as easily into change. We have to give credit the Millennials. Instead of being harsh on them and calling them unstable. We should thanks them for showing us that change isn’t as hard as we thought possible.