I’m Back!!

I apologized for not being able to write another blog. The last one that I had written was back on Memorial Day weekend. That blog was titled, “Dying Alone.”

It wasn’t because I was busy or had writer block. Believe me, I was never short on ideas for a blog.

The reason, I wasn’t able to write another blog was because of technical trouble on the part of WordPress.

You can thanks WordPress for me not being able to write another blog for over a month. It took them this long to fix the problem. All the while they was giving me the run around.

So if you want to be freed to let them know how upset my loyal readers are at them.

If you think that they should reimburse me for not being able to post another blog, let them know that as well.

Believe me, when I couldn’t post another blog, I thought that maybe I had offended the wrong group of people. I thought maybe those people had shut me down because they were offended to what I had to say.

Like in the book, “1984”, the lead character was censored by big brother. I mean, there is more and more censorship now days than ever before. Those who are conservatives are being censored by the mainstream fake news media and other social media as well.

There’s a blog I had written at another site that may had gotten lost in the internet space. That blog was called, “At War with the Cattle Industry.” It was in favor of eating steak and hamburgers and writing against those vegans out there. I may rewrite that blog in the future.

I’m keeping this one short but I felt that I should apologize for you not being able to read any new blogs from me.

I will be writing another blog tonight after I post this one. That blog will be on Ross Perot. So you see, I’m not short on ideas. Thanks for waiting patiently for my blog site to get back up and running. I miss writing another blog like you probably miss reading them.