Dying Alone!!

First, let me begin with Happy Memorial Day!

Not only is this the start of the summer; it’s also a time we remembered those who fought and died for our freedom. We also remembered our loved ones who had passed away.

Now let’s get to the real reason for this blog.

This past winter, there were 2 different cars found at 2 different parking lot. One was at Hornbacher’s and the other was at Cash Wise. The cars were buried in a snowbank. Inside the cars were 2 different people found dead inside. They had been dead for a long time too.

I have one question though. How can people not noticed these cars in the parking lot? Wouldn’t people become suspicious and want to check it out?

I mean, when I worked at Kmart and went out to get shopping carts; if I happened to noticed a stranded car in the parking lot for more than two to three days, I would report it to the manager or the customers service desk. That’s the proper things to do.

Why didn’t the employees at Cash Wise and Hornbacher’s do the same?

It seems like more and more people are happening being found dead alone. Either in their cars, their home, or wherever.

I remembered walking downtown Broadway and walking past a woman sitting dead on the bench. The cop was there and called ahead to have the body removed. There was even another guy there, and like an idiot, he somehow must thought that she was sleeping and was checking to see if she was breathing. I knew that she was dead when I was walking by. You can easily tell if a person is dead or not.

I mean, it creeps a person out seeing a dead person like that. Just like this blog might creeps some of you out.

I think the reason why more people are being found dead alone are for 2 reasons.

For one, no one wants to go into a nursing home; anymore than they wants to go into the hospital.

Some of the elderly in the nursing homes are put there by their kids and abandoned. Either because the adults kids don’t want to be bother with their elderly parents or cannot take care of them, themselves.

Another reason why people doesn’t want to go into a nursing home: is because of the high cost.

Our nursing home and health cares is expensive. Not everyone will just die. Some will needs round the clock care until they die.

Years ago, people had big family in hoping that their kids will take care of them in their old age. Sometimes, three generations will live in one home. This didn’t just happened in this country. It’s also happened in other countries as well.

Of course, some of these elderly didn’t have kids or their kids aren’t close by. Some of the adult kids don’t or can’t deal with their aging parents.

I know that my step-dad wanted to go back home to the farm to die; but us kids felt that it was better that he stayed in the VA. At least he would get the care he needed until his time on earth was up.

I had this friend from church who was found dead in his home. He was in his 70’s and toward the end he never really answered his phone. He was a bachelor. He wanted to be buried but since his body was decomposing, he had to be cremated.

It also reminded me back when I was a teenager on the farm. There was an elderly gentleman who lived up the hill from our farm. He had his mailbox next to ours. Anyway, one winter, he was found dead in his home frozen. He may had a heart attack or fallen; so he wasn’t able to get the heat he needed.

Those who were found dead are in a better place. They have no more pain. Still, it makes a person sick to their stomach and filled with grief.

I wish I would had thought of it before this friend of mine(Wes) was found dead. When I couldn’t get a hold of him, I should had called the police and had them do a welfare check on him. His hearing wasn’t very good, and toward the end he wasn’t much in answering his cell phone and made excuses for not hearing it.

If you know anyone who lives alone and you happened not see them around for a long time or whatever other reasons; check up on them. Even if you have to do a welfare check on them. I don’t think that the police would mine doing that for you.

Living in an apartment is easier to check in on someone than in a house; because, a person will easily noticed something wrong.