Angels all around us

There are angels all around us watching over us.

Angels are spiritual beings. They are not little babies that you see pictures of in magazines, books or internet.

Angels are messengers sent by God. They are sent to watch over us as well. They have been around as long as God. Even Satan, himself was an angel; that had fallen from grace.

When a person invite a stranger into their homes; it’s like inviting an angels into your home.

Abraham was visited by 3 angels, when they announced to him that his wife, Sarah will give birth to a son in their old age. They shall name that son, Isaac. Sarah was in the corner when she heard that and just laugh.

So it goes to show that there were people and probably still today, that doesn’t believe in angels.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I believe in angels.

In the 90’s was a popular TV shows on CBS called “Touch by an Angel.” In that show these angels went around to spread good news to unsuspecting people and save them.

That’s not the only show on television about angels. On the CW network is another show about angels and that show is called “Supernatural.” In that show it’s about the good and evil fight. That is one of the longest running show on television.

As in the most popular movie, “It’s a wonderful life,” one of the line from the movie is, “every time a bell ring, an angel gets it’s wings.”

It goes to show that angels are there to watch over us and to keep us safe from all harm. They are messengers sent from God to His people.

Gabrielle was an angel sent from God to Mary to announced that she will bear a son and she shall named him Jesus. Now Mary was a virgin who was pledge to marry Joseph. So that birth was a miraculous birth. Like with Abraham and Sarah. Another announcement about miraculous birth went to Zechariah and his wife, Elizabeth. The angel came to them to announced that they will have a son in their old age and they shall name him John.

So you see there are many examples of angels throughout the Bible. Angels are even mentioned in the book of Revelation.

Angels don’t just have wings. They are not cute little babies that you see pictures of. You actually can’t see angels; being that they are mystical spiritual beings. Yet you can sense them! Every so often, you hear stories about people’s experiences with seeing angels watching over them. Until you experience seeing angels, you may never believe for yourself.

Maybe this is an angel’s story, I don’t know. It was after my mother had passed away. I went out West to Washington State. That was the year I flown. It was while out there, that my cousin, Rosie, 2 of her granddaughters, and I went up Mt. Rainier. On the way down, we were in a car accident; where we hit a car in front of us. You can say that I’m alive today because of my mother’s spirit(an angel) I believe that her spirit was watching over us to keep us safe. I’m glad that I had my seat belt on; because it prevented me from going head first into the air bags that came out fast. I heard people say, the way Rosie’s car hit the other car, I was very lucky because more damage was done on my side. I probably wouldn’t be here today without my mother watching over me. Is that an angel’s story?

That same year, but later on, I believe my mother’s spirit was also watching over my step-dad. He could had gotten killed in a car accident when he somehow took a wrong turn and ended up near Watertown, South Dakota.

You also hear people who had a near-death experience; in which they encountered angels. Sometimes, the angels may be the love ones that had passed away already. They will see them again just before taking their last breath. Sometimes, though, it will be to not to give up because their time isn’t quite up though.

Angels come in many forms. They come in many ways. They are sent to watch over us. They are sent by God as messengers. They are sent to help us when we need it. Sometimes, they may even comes in the form of a human; and you may not even know it. That is why it said in the Bible that you may entertain angels when you are entertaining strangers.

Young kids are taught this little prayer. “Now I lay me down to sleep. If I die before I wake, may the Lord sends His angels to watch over me.” I don’t know how accurate I am with this prayer, but I think you get the message.

There is even an angel of death that comes to person when their time on earth is up. That angel wears black. They come to comfort us as we near death door to prepare us.

It was angels who announced to the shepherds and Magi, Jesus Christ birth. They announced it through a bright star that they were to follow to where they can find Jesus. The shepherds found Jesus lying in a manger. While the Magi found Jesus in a house.

I have other examples of possible angels working in my life. As part of my counseling recovery, I went to where my real father was buried to make amends. The first time I was there, I wasn’t able to say anything; but I felt at peace. It was almost like he knew why I was there. Was an angel involved there?

There are other examples of angels but I won’t go there. You may even experience angels in your life and probably didn’t even know it.

I shared stories about my experience with angels. Yet, there are others who had either similar experiences or even a little different experience. You may even had experience with angels and never really knew it.

These are not ghost stories. They are not stories about UFO’s. Yet they are untold stories that some may find hard to believe. Some people may think you are crazy if you talked about seeing angels, ghosts, or UFO’s.

You be the judge! Do you believe in angels? Do you believe that they are all around us watching over us? Do you have stories of encounter with angels in your life?

I’m not talking about Victoria Secret’s angels either. I’m not talking pet names you give to your wife or girlfriend either. I’m not even talking about nicknames you give to your kids or grandkids. Some parents or grandparents would say that their kids or grandkids are little angels.

So the next time you are entertaining strangers, take in consideration that you may be entertaining angels, and not even know it. Take in consideration that there are angels watching over you, if you are in a car accident or knocking on death’s door.

Angels are out there watching over us. They are watching over us to make sure that we do the right thing.