Second Holocaust

Today’s young people do not even know what the holocaust was. They are not even taught that in school anymore.

It goes to show that teachers only teach what they want to teach. Some of our teachers are becoming very liberal. Some are even writing history and teaching what they want to teach and leaving out the most important facts of history.

Holocaust is a great or complete devastation or destruction, especially by fire. A sacrifice completely consumed by fire, burnt offering. Any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life; such as the destruction of the Jews during WW2 by the Nazi in Germany under Adolf Hitler.

When I was in high school, I was taught about the holocaust. The class even spent the whole day watching the Holocaust movie for our history class.

My question goes to these teachers who doesn’t teach the kids about the Holocaust. Why don’t you? What are you avoiding?

Some of these Leftist out there who doesn’t really understand or know about the holocaust are committing Anti Semitism.

They have the galls to call us Trump’s supporters, Nazi! What about them? They are more of a Nazi than we are. They are the ones spurting hate and anti Semitism against people, such as the Jews.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, is a newly elected congresswoman from Minnesota; who happens to be a Somalia-born. She is also a Muslims. She has been spurting hatred toward the Jews and even former Pres. Obama. She is committing anti Semitism and these Leftist Socialist is eating it up. The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is all tongue tied because of all this anti Semitism that she is committing. She is no better than Hitler. She is a Nazi! She doesn’t understand or even knew what the Holocaust really was. She should be a shame of herself.

Then again the reason for her hatred for the Jews has something to do with the fact that she is a Muslim A little religious history about the Muslim. The Muslim was the Jews biggest rival ever since Ishmael was not included in the inheritance from Abraham. You see, Abraham had 2 sons. Ishmael and Isaac. Now Isaac was the promise son from God to make Abraham the father of many nation. Whereas, Ismael was the illegitimate son of Abraham with his maid-servant, Hagar.

She even said that the United States shouldn’t get involved with helping Israel. It goes to show that she doesn’t realize that it’s America’s job to look after Israel. The Bible says that any country that attack Israel will face the wrath of God. And any country who defends Israel will reap in the rewards from God. She wasn’t taught that. Just like she wasn’t taught about the holocaust back in school.

These Leftist accused Pres. Trump in committing anti Semitism but ignore Ilhan Omar for her anti Semitism statement against the Jews.

Now let us get to the real reason for this blog and why I call it the second holocaust.

First of all, some of the Red States are looking at overturning the Roe vs. Wade; which is very good news.

The bad news is: there are some Blue states that is pushing for even later term abortion. One of the state that is pushing to reduce the restriction for late-term abortions is Virginia. This is spurring an outcries of infanticide among its critic.

Virginia’s Democratic Governor Ralph Northam, a pediatric neurosurgeon, drew many criticism because of this bill. It’s not just the Republicans who is criticizing him and this bill; even some of the Democrats are very much upset with him and this bill.

What is he trying to prove? I mean he is a pediatric neurosurgeon for crying out loud. He should know better from a medical profession.

The people in favor of it, especially in some of the Blue states; they are trying to play God. Don’t they know there is only one God. You shall worship only one God. Anyone who worship or even try to play God, will be face the wrath of God. God will cut them down.

By allowing for late term abortion, it will allow people to get rid of the baby if it’s somehow not perfect. If the baby has some disability, they can terminate the pregnancy because they don’t want to deal with the disability.

I have a cousin who has Cerebra palsy. The adoption agency didn’t want my aunt and uncle to adopt him because he has it. I’m glad that he is my cousin. He can do a lot despite of his handicapped.

What these Democrats is doing in these Blue states is committing another holocaust. They are killing innocent babies. They are committing Genocide.

Now Genocide is the deliberate killing of a large group of people. Doesn’t this sound just like the holocaust?

Let us look at examples from the Bible. The Pharaohs ordered a genocide of all the young male child from babies to 2 years old. This was the time of Moses’ birth. Moses was saved because his sisters put him in a basket and the basket in the river Nile. The basket floated upstream, where the Pharaoh’s daughter found Moses inside and took him in and saved his life. He eventually saved the people of Israel from bondage in Egypt and led them to the Promise Land.

Another example was when Jesus was born. King Herod issued a genocide of young boys as well. He heard the stories of a king being born that he feared will dethrone him. He was scared.

As I said about 2 years ago in my blog, “Abortion is murder!” Yet these Leftist are pushing for another holocaust by allowing the killing of innocent babies. The excuse they are using is the rights of the women. Well what about the rights of the babies? Don’t they have any rights?

These Leftist are not only committing anti Semitism; but they are also committing genocide and creating another holocaust. Some of them weren’t taught the holocaust. They are rewriting history, by leaving the part of the holocaust out.

Think about that next time you think about the women’s rights! Do you want to create another holocaust? Do you want another Genocide? Do you want innocent blood on your hands?

You call us Trump’s supporters Nazi, what about these Leftist? They are doing everything the Nazi done during World War 2. Think about all that!!