Too Far Gone!!

Last week was the Oscars, and I didn’t watch or even cared to watch it one bit. In this blog, you will hopefully understand why I didn’t watch the Oscars too.

Last year at this time, I wrote a blog on Hollyweird; so this will be even more of a slam against Hollywood.

Years ago, the old Hollywood was more conservative than what they are today. It seems more and more Hollywood stars have gone too far over to the Left. They have became as loony as loony can be.

Don’t get me wrong, I do admired those who stood up to their abusers. That took courage, I will give them that much credit.

Let’s start with the Fonda’s. Now the late Henry Fonda was a conservative. He was self-made man in Hollywood. Whereas his kids, Jane and Peter Fonda are spoiled nut jobs on the Left. I don’t need to go into details about them, because everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about when I mentioned Jane Fonda and her protest against the Vietnam war.

Yet those 2 are tame compared to what Hollywood had become.

California is the land of “fruits and nuts”, and I’m not talking about food that you eat. A lot of these stars are darn right crazy. They must high on something. They went from being Conservative to be a wacko Leftist.

Even the Democrats party has gone too far to the Left. There are still main stream Democrats but they are being withered out by crazy Progressive Leftist.

Before Donald Trump even considered running for President, he was friends with a lot of Hollywood stars. Once he ran for President under the Republican’s ticket, they quickly turned on him. They ridicule him and all of his supporters. They call us names such as “rednecks.”

I’m here to tell you these Hollywood stars don’t represent me or anyone from the Middle America. Anything they touch, they destroy and think nothing of it.

For example when there was a peaceful march in North Dakota over the pipeline going over the Native American’s burial land. When Hollywood got involved, it turned nasty and violent erupt.

Let us take a look at stars who were ridicule by these Leftist nut jobs, these Leftist Hollywood stars.

When Clint Eastwood spoke at the Republican’s convention, the Leftist Hollywood called him senile.

How about when Kanye West supported Pres. Trump? They said that he must be crazy.

When Roseanne reboot became such a smash it, and was renewed for another season; Hollywood loved her. When she tweeted some nasty thing about someone from Pres. Obama cabinet, they cancelled her show and eventually fired her from her own TV show. They renamed her show, “The Connors.” They even destroyed her character by killing her off in a drug overdose.

Yet, when Whoopi Goldberg made nasty comment against Trump and his supporters, she didn’t get reprimanded for it. Believe me, she should had been fired from the View.

Even Tim Allen came out in support of Roseanne and how she was mistreated by Hollywood.

It goes to show if you are on the Left, Hollywood will love you. But if you are a Trump’s supporter, we are the scum of the earth according to them.

This year was another scandal that rocked the Oscars. Kevin Hart was scheduled to be the host of the Oscars. But when they came across an old footage of his comment he made involving the gays, they quickly turned their back on him. Even when he apologized. So the Oscars went without a host this year.

These Leftist don’t care whose reputation they smeared. They smeared Bill Cosby. They even recently smeared the Duke, John Wayne. He was another Conservative back in his days.

These Leftist Liberals doesn’t listen to our point of views because it’s goes against their principles; which they don’t really have. You can’t even talk to them like you used years ago.

Any comments that Pres. Trump or even Reagan had made, these Leftist would twist the words around to make them sound like idiots. They even attacked Rush Limbaugh. I will gather that I will be attack by these Leftist nut jobs Liberals.

They can’t even make good movies in Hollywood anymore. They make a lot of remake and they are even bad.

The original Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston was a lot better than the new version. Even the special effects doesn’t help make the movies any better.

Look how many time they remade, “A Star is Born.” At least 4 different times. The first one, I’m not real sure about. The second one starred Judy Garland; which I don’t remembered. The one I remembered was the one that starred Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. That was a good movie; despite starring Barbara Streisand. She is as kooky as Jane Fonda. She is a part of crazy Left crowd.

Don’t me wrong, the last good movies that I saw that should had won an Oscar was “The Help.” It was based in the ’60’s and yet still was true today.

Going to see a movie in the theater isn’t worth spending your money on. The theater even offer deals to get people to go to see the movies. You are still paying extra for your popcorn and pop, or whatever else you may want to eat. The popcorn isn’t very good eating anymore.

Let us look at the price at going to a movie. A person can spend between $10 to $20; despite a special or not. That will also include your food and drinks. And that is just for one person. If a man was to take a woman out on a date to see a movie; the price will double.

They don’t even make good TV shows anymore. There is not much worth watching of television anymore.

May the true Americans send Hollywood nut jobs a message. They don’t represent us, with their craziness.

If you are a Conservative in Hollywood, you will be ridicule and force out. It will be hard to get any role in a movie or TV shows. They will quickly turned on you.