Before You Do-Be Absolutely Certain

How many of you have made a rash decision in some areas of your life? How many haven’t really given much thoughts to certain areas in your life?

Thus the title of this blog, before you do anything, make sure that you are absolutely certain it’s what you want or is the right thing.

Let us start with getting a college education first. How many people actually knows what they actually wants when they go to college?

A college student will change their major more than once throughout their years in college. Some goes to college because it’s what their parents want for them. They will even choose the career that their parents want. Yet they are not thrilled with that choice at all.

Some goes to college for the wrong reason. They go, not knowing what they really wants from it. Thus they spend lots money on a bad decision.

After I graduated from high school in 1984, I went to NDSU for an English major. I didn’t really knew what I wanted to do at the time. I chose to go to college just to get away from home.

I believe that lots of college students had went or is going to college for the same reason I did.

Don’t get me wrong, I did get an Associate Degree in Business from Bismarck State College and a certification Chef degree as well. Writing these blogs, it stems from my years at NDSU with an English major. I had teachers in high school who suggested that I go to college because of my writing and try to make a career out of it.

Before a person gets married, they must truly knows if they are in love with that person. I have had woman that I was very much interested in; but yet, I couldn’t get over that hump and get married. As I mentioned in my blog, “What women wants,” I have a hard time in being in touch of my intimate feelings for a woman. Thus it become too late for me and I lose out.

That is why it is very important that you truly knows if you are in love with someone or if it’s lust. Is it from the heart or from your sexual organ? Is it love or do you just want someone to love you?

There was this woman I knew named Holly, who I thought was the one. Once we got to know each other though, I came to realize that we weren’t meant to be.

How about starting a family? That itself is hard to thing to plan though. Sometimes, babies will just happens even when you are not ready for it. You can practice abstinence. If my mother and real father had practice abstinence, I wouldn’t be here today though.

Looking for the right jobs, takes a lot of research and decision-making. A person will goes through many different jobs in their lifetime. Some may even change careers from their education choices.

Like I mentioned in previous blogs, sometimes the best paying jobs more per hour may not be as good as a less paying job per hour. I mean, are you going to get the hours to match the pay? What is paid more an hour, may be less hours than a job that is paid less per hour; but get your hours. I will mentioned it again in case you may either forgotten or haven’t read it. I once had two jobs opportunity. At one place the pay rate was more than the other per hour; but when it came down to it, the job that paid less per hour was guaranteed more hours.

I will give you another example. After working for Kmart for 12 years and seeing the writing on the wall that the company is dying, I started searching for a different job to jump ship before the inevitable. Around 9 months ago, I got the opportunity for a better paying job at Sanford. It was $2 more per hour with benefits and job security, hopefully until I retire. I’m grateful for that opportunity. There is even room for transferring, if I so desire.

As I mentioned in my Ed Schultz blog, “When I met Maureen Zimmerman, she gave me the best advice; which was to get your foot in the door.”

Those are some of the major decision ones must make in life. There are minor decision as well to make to be absolutely sure about.

Decisions, such as buying a house or a car. You look for the best deal. You wants the best for your money.

Just like when it comes in making investments choices. You wants what will work for you. When I recently came into an inheritance, I knew that I had to put some of that money to good use; otherwise I could blow it all away. I talked to people for advice first. I then found a financial advisor to help me with my investment. Believe me, I’m glad that I got money put away for the future and for my retirement. We may not be able to depend on Social Security. I’m even had that retirement plan I had from Concordia College, rolled over into my Sanford’s retirement plan.

These are some of the decisions a person have to make in life before actually doing anything. There are decisions that I didn’t mention because they are too obvious.

I have written letters to the editors and lots of them were published. I even had people suggested that I create a blog to share my opinions. Then when I heard that a person can make money from their blogs, and found out sites to go to create blogs; I checked it out.

So you see, the years I spent at NDSU finally came in handy for me. I’m doing things with my writing as a teacher from Hawley High school, Mr. Nelson suggested that I look at doing. Thank you Mr. Nelson! Thank you to those who helped me get my blog started. Thank you for your financial advice as well.

I’m not done yet though.

Here is a message to the mainstream news media corporate. Before reporting the news, do your investigation on the story first.

Reporters today are just interested in getting the news out first before the other networks for rating purpose. They don’t really investigate the story anymore. The last great news anchor was Walter Cronkite. He made sure he had the facts before reporting the news. After he retired, was when fake news was born by the corporate mainstream news media. Dan Rather was the one who gave birth to it.

A prime example was what happened most recently involving Jesse Smollet in Chicago. The mainstream news media was in such a hurry to cover the news story of his so-called attack. They didn’t delve deep into the story. Thanks to the Chicago police and their investigation; they discovered that his attack was a hoax. He was just looking for attention and created his own attack. Now they are looking at pressing charges at him. Believe me, they should too. They should charge him a hefty price for wasting their time and money that could be use on real cases in Chicago.

Because of that, the mainstream corporate fake news media had egg on their faces. I don’t feel sorry for them either. They didn’t do their research. They didn’t truly investigate the story before reporting it. A good reporter asked the 5 w’s, “Who, what, where, why, and when.” They even are suppose to ask how. I learned that while in college journalism class.

Even though, my blogs is my opinion, there is still subject that I may not write about, unless I have enough information on the subject. So, if it’s takes me to do some research and investigation into the subject, so be it. I want to be a person of integrity. I want to be someone that you can believe in and respect. I don’t want to be like the fake news media.

So before you do-be absolutely certain it’s the right thing. Do your research, pray, and truly meditate on it. Don’t make hasty decision if you don’t have to. Being spontaneously isn’t always the best. It’s best to plan ahead. That way you won’t have egg on your face.