Leave Them Alone!!

Have you seen those wild turkeys running around in Fargo-Moorhead lately?

I have and they’re huge. They are fun to watch and cute in homely way.

About a month ago while coming home from church in North Moorhead, I happened to sees a bunch of wild turkeys running in the neighborhood. They were amazing to see.

These wild turkeys were living by the Red River. They just kept walking East into the neighborhood of Moorhead, MN.

Well this past week, some of the neighbors were complaining about them. They were calling them nuances. There was some that was afraid of leaving their house out of fear of being attack.

They must had been watching the old Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, “The Bird.” It was one of his scary movie about birds attacking humans.

Remember that was just a movie, birds will not attack humans. Those turkeys will not harm you.

Are you going to let a turkey control you or are you going to enjoy them, they are meant to be enjoyed?

You can fend them off if you have too.

Anyway, the city officials wants to ship those turkeys off to South Dakota. What a joke? It’s a waste of taxpayers money. There are better things to spend money on then shipping these wild turkeys to South Dakota.

This reminds me of few years ago, when the people of Fergus Falls were complaining about the wild ducks or geese gathering at the pond that was right in the neighborhood. They wanted the Minnesota’s government to do something about them; like the people wants Moorhead to do something about the turkeys.

I remember seeing those geese or ducks in the pond while going through Fergus Falls, and they were very beautiful. They were not a nuance. Anymore than those turkeys being a nuance in Moorhead.

It’s almost like these 1% people from New York City had moved into neighborhood and wants to take over and destroy any signs of wildlife inside the city limits.

This is a rural area. If you don’t like seeing wild turkeys in your backyard, you can gladly leave. We don’t need your kinds here to turn our small town into an ugly old city.

What’s next? Who are you going to ship out next? Are you going to ship out the homeless because they are an eyesore? Are you going to get rid of all trailer courts because you feel they are an eyesore? Do you want to ship all the poor working class people out of town and just bus them into town for work and shopping and then bus them back out of town?

It reminds of a old movie/TV series; in which the savage was outside the city limits because the upper class didn’t wants to deal with them.

There was people complaining about a family raising chickens inside the small town of Glyndon, MN. Come on!! Get real!!

I’m here to tell you, I loves animals. They are beautiful creatures. They are so beautiful to see. I’m excited to see them roaming in the neighborhood. I loved animals more than I do people. And I’m not a vegetarian either.

God commanded us to take care of these animals. When God created man, He commanded Adam to named the animals. Then during the flood back in Noah’s days. When Noah was commanded to build an ark. It wasn’t just to save his family. He was also to save the animals as well.

When I was young kid, I would had my mother buy some peanuts for the squirrels; in which I called them, “My kitty cats.” Then my grandmother would feed them as I watch.

The animals were here before we were. Now some whiners are complaining about a few wild turkeys running wild inside the city limits of Fargo-Moorhead.

It’s just like these whiners to complain. They would complain if they were hung with a new rope. Maybe we should ship them out instead of the wild turkeys.

There are times when it is necessary to ship wild animals out. If they are predators and are either killing lives stocks or domestic pets. These turkeys are not predators. They are not hurting anybody. They are not a nuance. They are very beautiful to see. I’d rather see them than that building being built in downtown Fargo.