Year of the Women!

The year 2018 had been known as the year of the woman

The “Me-too” movement had made an impact on today’s society. I have to admire those women who stood up to their abuser. It takes courage.

I do have to admit though what is the ultimate motives behind this “Me-too” movement? Is it for the right reason? Or is it for revenge? Are they doing it for healing purpose or are they doing it to be a force to be reckon with?

Even though it takes courage to speak out against their perpetrator; they have to be careful that they don’t become a victim all over again.

In the years between 1848-1920, the women suffrage started. It was during that time that women was able to vote and own property. Before that they were known as property themselves.

For a long time women was known as second-class citizen, even in the Bible time.

I’m for equal pay for equal work. I’m for women having rights as citizen as men. There are countries though that still treats women as property. In Iraq and the Middle East; especially among the Muslims countries. women are considered property. They have to wear a veils over their faces. They are not to be seen or heard.

Yet these Leftist, who supports the Muslims extremist, seems to forget that.

We still have a long way to go though.

My mother was a Feminist and an independent woman. She wanted to see a woman president. Yet, she didn’t care much for Hillary Clinton.

It has to be the right woman to be President. It can’t be just anyone.

I mean, in 2000, I voted for a woman for President, when I voted for Elizabeth Dole over George W. Bush.

In Ephesians 5:22-28, “Wives are to submit to their husbands as to the Lord. Husbands are to love their wives just as Christ loved the church” This is only part of these verse, read it for yourself.”

I’m not saying that women are to be a doormat to their husbands and let them abuse and control them completely. They are to be equal with each other.

God created Eve to be a helper for Adam. Woman was created out of man.

A true feminist is the one who can bring home the bacon and fry it too. Their family is still their highest priority.

Like I said, I admired those who stood up against their abusers. It took courage to stand up against people like Harvey Weinstein.

I have to admit, I had a hard time to see Bill Cosby being guilty of sexual assault. First of all, he was America’s favorite TV’s dads. Second, one of his accusers, Janice Dixon, I had a hard time in believing. Her reputation succeed her.

It took courage for Christine Ford to make her statement against Brett Kavenaugh. Yet at the same time the Democrats took advantage of her.

The reason for Sen. Susan Collins vote for Kavanaugh was because she felt that the confirmation process was dysfunctional, it looks more like a caricature of gutter-level political campaign than a solemn occasion. In other words, the Democrats were just using it as a political gain.

I believe in times we will have a woman president. It just have to be the right one. They are to be strong but not abuse their authority like men sometimes do. We can’t just elect a woman just because.

Hillary Clinton lost the election because she abused her authority.

I heard someone say, that Elizabeth Warren would be good. The excuse they gave was that she isn’t corrupt. (I won’t go into that.) All I will say is this: A real good person, who isn’t corrupt will not survive being in politics. Politics is dirty business. Sometimes you have to be a little dirty to withstand the corruptness in Washington. A good person will never survive. I may say that it would be nice to run for office; but then I think, could I survive without getting my hands dirty?

No wonder being president make a person age while in office.

Women had made some accomplishment. Former Sen. Heidi Heightcamp was the first woman senator from North Dakota.

The city of Moorhead had elected their first woman mayor, Del Rae Williams was her name. If you noticed, she only served one term. She saw how dirty politics can be; and that was a small scale.

This election, Tennessee elected their first woman senator. She was a republican by the name of Marsha Blackburn. She won despite having Taylor Swift supporting her opponent instead

Margaret Thatcher was the first Prime Minister from England, and she was known as Iron Lady. She was admired by Pres. Reagan.

Golda Meir was the first Prime Minister from Israel. She was responsible for bringing the Jews back to Israel back after WW2.

I guess what I’m saying United States will eventually have a their first woman President; but she must be the right one. She must not abuse her authority.

To all those who hate Pres. Trump, I have to say, he had done a lot for the women’s movement. You may call him a sexist pig. You may call me a sexist pig. If it wasn’t for Trump in bringing about the changes in Washington, 2018 may not been a good of a year for the women.