The Obamas: Are they for Real?

There are people who voted for Barak Obama because he was the first black president. Remember, though, he was only half black. The people who voted for him felt that history would be made; and it was once he was first elected.

I’m here to tell you, that wasn’t the reason why I voted for Obama. Yes, this Reagan’s Republican voted for Obama back in 2008 and 2012.

Let us take trip back to 2008!

My first choice back then was Rudy Giullani. I like how he handled things when he was the mayor of New York City after 9/11. He got them through that crisis. He wasn’t a career politician either. He wasn’t part of the Establishment in Washington either. Of course, I didn’t want Hillary Clinton either.

In the beginning of that election primary, it looks like Hillary Clinton would had gotten the nomination. Barak Obama was pretty new at the game of politics back then.

Remember, I didn’t wanted George W. Bush back in 2000 and even 2004. He was part of the Established Republicans. They were not the reason why I became a Republican in the first place. I became a Republican because of Ronald Reagan; who was non-establishment. I was very much upset at the way the Government was going in Washington.

Guillani wasn’t part of the establishment either and he was a way better choice than John McCain. It looks like John McCain was about to bow out of the race; when he got a second wind. Or in other words, somehow, Guillani somehow just fizzle out for some reason. He tried to put all his eggs in one basket and it didn’t pay off like he hope for.

Then I happened to catch Obama’s speech and was very much impress with what he had to say. I know that I wasn’t the only Republicans who voted for Obama either.

Like I mentioned before, the tea party movement was formed under George W. Bush, because those involved were unhappy with the Established Republicans.

Obama made such an impression on me with the promise of change. We needs changes in Washington. He was talking a good talk to the American people. He knew just what to say. He wasn’t in office for very long either.

With Guillani fizzling out during the primary, it gave Obama the boost he needed to defeated Hillary Clinton during the primary and get the nomination.

To the reason for the title, is the Obamas for real, they came across as being down-to-earth. Even though they were very rich, they seemed to be down-to-earth. They were very people oriented compared to Hillary Clinton. Hillary was so stiff.

Hillary tried to be more people oriented in 2016 against Trump; but she wasn’t able to pulled it off.

I couldn’t stand John McCain, because he was a career politician and part of the establishment as well. Whereas, Obamas were more down-to-earth compare to McCain.

I’m not going to downplay his works he did as President because he did do some good things. It may not been a lot of right things to do but that is different. He did catch Bin Laden though.

We needed better healthcare than what we had until Obamacare. Yet, there were some flaws in Obamacare as well. Under Obamacare, the price of the insurance premium went up. There was a penalty put on your taxes when you filed; that if you didn’t have insurance, you were made to pay a penalty. That was ridiculous!! There were people who still didn’t get insurance because they felt that it wasn’t worth it.

Universal healthcare isn’t all that it was set up to be. I’m not going to say anymore than that because that is a different blog, altogether.

Then in 2012, I did like Herman Cane, who was a CEO from Dominos Pizza and his 10% down on his tax plan. Taxes is way too high the way it was. If 10% is enough for the church, it sure is more than plenty for the government.

During the Primary, the Established Republicans went all out to destroy Herman Cane’s reputation and made him drop out of the race for president. If he would had gotten the nomination, I would had voted Republicans again by voting for him. He wasn’t able to stand up against them like Trump did in 2016.

So once again, the Established Republicans lost my vote when they nominated Mitt Romney to run against Obama.

It goes to show, that the American people were very much angry with our career politicians in Washington. Let us look at 2016: the established Republicans candidates couldn’t pull a win during the primary. Only the non-establishment were able to stick it out and win; candidates like Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio did well.

The Republicans were not the only party to have problems though in winning over the American people. The Democrats is also facing problems themselves. There is the mainstream Democrats and there is those who are too far Left. They are Socialist; but call themselves the Progressive movements.

It goes to show that we need term limits for our Congressman and Senators. Maybe also doing away with the 2 party systems as well. We need more Independent candidate to run for President. Believe me, I would vote for anyone who is in favor of term limits for the Senate and the House. It doesn’t matter if they are Republicans or Democrats.

Since Trump took office, many of these career politicians are stepping down. There are still some that needs to do in both party. The American people are happy to see these career politicians stepping down; but yet they really hate Trump. That doesn’t make sense! He is doing what needs to be done. We needed something like this for a long time.

Obama talk a good talk when he campaigned on change. Change is coming, and it started under Obama. It was even making headway under George W. Bush. This change in Washington will even continue until the mess is cleaned up. No one president can get it all done in one or two terms.

So tell me, if you can, was the Obamas for real? Was he just talking a good talk or was he just the beginning of the change that was and is to come, with Trump and with any future candidates. Was he really down-to-earth or was it just an act? Did he knew how to play us or was he genuine?