Life Changes

No one likes change! Yet we all go through it from the time we’re born until we die. Change is inevitable.

We change from being babies to toddler to teenagers. When we hit the teenage years there is a bunch of changes in our body that we goes through. Young girls develop breast and young boys get to the point of needing to shave. Even our voices changed.

Once kids grow up and leaves the home, they faced a bunch of changes as well. Some may go to college, tech school, or join the military. Some will even have to get a full time job to make a living. (They can’t live off mom and dad forever.)

Then when the time comes that you meet the One that you want to spend the rest of your life with. You make changes in your personal life to adjust to that relationship. Then when you have kids of your own, more changes happened in your life and family. You can’t drive around in a fancy sports car anymore. You have to drive a Suburban because of your growing family. You even start thinking about saving money for a house, kids’ education, and even retirement. You are starting to settle down, hopefully.

In the early 1900’s people held on to their jobs. They didn’t change their jobs as often as we do now. The reasons: the employers took care of their employees and their family back then. There wasn’t as many opportunity as there is today to better yourself.

Even the Baby Boomers were more apt to stick with their jobs.

When I was born, I just missed the Baby Boomers by a year; thus I’m a Generation X. So part of me can relate to the baby boomers. My generation is the generation that started the change movement; but the Millennium is the generation that is mainly known for changing jobs the most. Some say “how can they establish a good report if they don’t stay at a job long enough.”

The Millennium is looking for a job with more money but less hours. Employers seems to like that to.

Once a person becomes an adult, they are more apt to move more times than their parents did. They are even more apt to switch jobs. Some say that they cannot be as dependable as the older generation.

I think one of the reason is that there is more opportunity to better oneself than there was years ago. Some may even have a little entitlement issues, thinking that mommy and daddy, or the government will take care of them.

When a person hit mid-life, they goes through some changes as well. First of all, what women calls that time of month, also known as PMS. Believe me that is the time that husbands are so glad to have their man-cave; just to get away from their wives at their crazy time of the month.

People will goes through mid-life crisis and make changes in their life. Some will do crazy things and some not so crazy. There will be reason for these life changes; either health, kids grown , or whatever.

Sometimes a death in the family will bring about changes. When someone close in the family dies, they start evaluating their life.

Once I hit 50, I made a health choice. I saw that I had an uncle who made 82 years old and I have an aunt who is in her 90’s. The decision I made when I turned 50 was to start eating healthier. I came to realize that I don’t have to die young. There is longevity in my family. I just needed to change my diet and start eating healthier. I made it my goal. I’m not saying I don’t cheat; but since I started eating healthier, I feel better. I don’t have the heart trouble so far. I have been slowly losing weight and people can tell.

Also around this time, I started writing my blog for the internet. The weirdest thing is, I went to college for this writing; not knowing what I really want to do with my life. So you can say, my life have went full circle. It had been 2 years and thanks to all my readers, I’m up to almost 3000 viewers from all over the world. I even have BBC news following my blog. I don’t know when I will actually start getting paid but that will happens.

This past year, first I popped a ligament in my knee and it was painful. I even walked with a cane for a couple of days. Believe me, I thought to myself I’m much too fun to feel this damn old. It brought about more changes I needed to make in my life.

I even switch job this year. Believe me, I was scared at first, being my age as well. Yet, I knew that I needed to do something before it was too late. I was working at Kmart at the time; when I saw the writing on the wall.

What I went through, was this a mid-life crisis or was it apart of life changes that we all must goes through?

Like I said earlier, no one likes changes. Even though we have to go through it in our life. Sometimes we will fight these changes.

Like for example the change that is happening in Washington. The American people is so unhappy with our government. Yet when we get someone as President who is trying clean up Washington and make a change for the better; we fight it every step away.

This is the first in a series of blogs about how the changes that is happening this year and the last few years at that. So stay tuned the next few weeks.

By the way Happy New Year!! May 2019 be a year of change for you all. May 2019 be a year of good things to come for me and for you.