The Other Side of the First George Bush

As you probably already know by now, George Bush Sr. had passed away.  He was the oldest living President at the time at 94 years old.  Now former President Jimmy Carter is now the oldest living President.

I won’t be as nice to him as I was to his lovely wife Barbara Bush.  Yet I won’t be as rough on him like I was with John McCain either.  You be the judge though!

First of all I want to say this.  When he was Vice-President under the greatest President, Ronald Reagan, he was in Fargo, ND.  I was outside near the NDSU campus when his limo was driving by.  I’ll never forget that he waved to me as his limo went by.

Now it’s time to set the records straight about George Bush Sr.

The only reason he was elected President in 1988 was because he was able to ride into the White House on Reagan’s coattails.  Otherwise, I don’t know if he would ever been President.  He ran for President in 1980 but couldn’t get the nomination from Reagan.  He was a former CIA director and a war hero, like Bob Dole.

When they made the comment that he ended the Cold War, I want to set the record straight on that.  He did not end the Cold War.  It was Ronald Reagan who actually did it.  It may ended during his term as President.

Just like it was Ronald Reagan who told Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall.  The wall came down in 1988-1989.

It’s just not right that the sitting President make claims to something they are not responsible for that a previous President was responsible for.  They want to claim the good but blame the bad on the past President.

Reagan was a Nationalist; whereas George Bush Sr. was the first the Globalist in a long line after Reagan, until now with Pres. Trump being a Nationalist.

A Nationalist is a person who advocates political independence for a country, or a person with strong patriotic feelings, especially one who believes in the superiority of their country over others.

A Globalist is a person who advocates the interpretation or planning of economic and foreign policy in relation to events and developments throughout the world.

So, set the records straight, I’m a Nationalist!

I do want to admit one thing, I did voted for him in 1988 and 1992.  Then again I was a young Republican, and became a Republican because Ronald Reagan.  I wasn’t really impress with him but I was still new in the political game.

One of his campaign promises that he used was, “Read my lips, no new taxes!”  He also hated broccoli.  Then again broccoli is better with cheese sauce.  Yet the cheese sauce made them unhealthy.

He did do one thing right and that was when he went after Saddam Hussein when he attacked Kuwait.  Where he failed though was how he handled it.  If he would had done it right the first time, his son, George W. Bush wouldn’t had to go after Saddam the second time while he was President.  This is not what turned me against the Bush’s family though, and not wanting to vote for George W. Bush or Jeb Bush.

When the fake mainstream news and the like of Murphey Brown attack Dan Quale; who was George Sr. Vice-President.  What did he do?  He did nothing to support old Dan Quale as he was being bullied.  This is where Bush Sr. is no better than John McCain.  They didn’t man-up when their running mate was being bullied.

I’m not saying that Dan Quale was right when he made the comment he made against single mothers.  I’m saying he was bullied by fake news mainstream media.  I have more respect for someone who stands up to the bullies, in helping those being bullied.  Bush Sr. had lost my respect.

I think what hurt his reelection chances was that and Ross Perot, who was a thorn in his side.  The Fake mainstream news made fun of Ross Perot also.  Some of the things he said did comes true.  Yet no one believed him; and that was why Bill Clinton, the lesser of 3 evils was elected President.

It was Bush Sr. who first introduced the failed NAFTA bill that was sign under Clinton.

Since Bush Sr. didn’t man-up to the press when Dan Quale was being bullied I lost respect for him and his family.  That was why I didn’t voted for George W. Bush for President.  The Established Republicans wanted him over Elizabeth Dole.  They were afraid of her for some reason.  I voted for her over George W. Bush. I even wrote in her name on that election.

There was one good thing about having George W. Bush over Al Gore, and that was 9/11.  I believe Al Gore would had done nothing.

Another reason I didn’t voted for George W. Bush is this, I felt he was unqualified to be President.

He was a recovering alcoholic.  That’s not the reason I didn’t vote for him though.  I believe the reason he became an alcoholic was because he was starving for his father’s approval.  Those who are starving for approval searched for others means, such as alcohol.

As I said, Barbara Bush was like everyone grandmother.  The impression I get from Bush Sr. was that he was tough and demanded a lot from his kids.

This reminds me of a story I heard about my grandparents.  My grandmother was sweet and my grandfather was a drunk.  He would pay his kids and/or grandkids to give him a hug; otherwise he may not get one.  Whereas my grandmother would gets a lot of hugs.

My Uncle Frank was a chip off the old block, just like grandpa.  His kids strived for his acceptance.

Just like with my step-dad, us kids strived for his acceptance.  We got it more from our mother than him.  In the end he did comes around though.

Back to George Sr. and George W. Bush,  I believe that the bushes’ kids were starving for acceptance from their father.  I believe because of that, George W. Bush became an alcoholic.  I also believe that was why he ran for President in the first place.  Look at who George W. Bush’s Vice-President was.  I mean Dick Cheney.  A Vice-President is suppose to be there as a support.  Now Dick Cheney seems to had been running the country and George W., who was starving for acceptance seems to let him.  He was being the puppet.

It goes to show that not only does the poor people has their problems with children being starved for acceptance.  The rich kids faced the same problems as well.  That problems have nothing to do with being rich or poor.  The only difference is that the rich would throw money at the problems and nothing get resolve.

Even though, George Sr. was a Republican, he voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.  The reason was because they were angry at Donald Trump and the way he treated Jeb Bush in the Primaries.  To me , they were just being big babies.  Another reason why I have no respect for the Bush’s family.

There is one thing I do have admit though.  When George Sr. was 80 years old, he jumped out of an airplane with a parachute.  Now that takes courage especially at that age. I mean, one thing on my bucket list before I die is to jump out of a  plane.  When I look at my situation now, I have to admit that I have reconsider that on my bucket list.  I’m not in the best of shape; especially my knees.  So when George Sr. jumped out of a plane on his 80th birthday, I gives him thumbs up for that.

That is the only things I will give him praise for.  As for being President, I had no respect for him or even his son George W. Bush.  I’m sure glad that Jeb Bush couldn’t beat Trump in 2016.  I believe that Hillary Clinton would rather took  on Jeb than Trump.  She would had won for sure.