What If?

     Have you ever played the what if game?  Have you ever wondered what if this happened instead of that?  

      Let us play the what if game with President Donald Trump!  

      First of all, Donald Trump wasn’t really a true conservative Republican.  He was a Democrat.  The only reason why he ran as a Republican was because the Democrats had what they called a “Super Delegate.”  

       Super Delegate is defined as a person who is chosen to a political party’s presidential nominating convention because of his or her status as a leader or official within the party and who is free to vote in primary elections and caucuses preceding the convention.

       Super delegates were invented by the Democrats after the 1980 election in the expectation that in any future close nomination race, they would line up behind the establishment candidate and head off the possibility of a ruinous floor fight at the convention.  

       So you can say that if anything is fix in the election; it’s the Democrats nomination process.  They may blame the Russian for losing the election; in reality, they are responsible for losing the election themselves in 2016.  

       Donald Trump knew that; so that was why he chose to run as a Republican.  He knew that his chances to win the nomination and be elected as President was better as a Republican.  

        Let us look at the 2016 election.  Both Trump and Bernie Sanders had a larger crowd then Hillary Clinton and the Republican Establishment.  Even though Bernie Sanders had a larger crowd, it was already set up for Hillary to get the nomination by the Democratic party.  Don’t you think they should rethink that?  

       Donald Trump was friends with the Clintons and they were even at his wedding.  He was even a big donor on their campaign.  

       Donald Trump had friends in Hollywood.  He had a huge audience with his reality show, “The Apprentice;” which was on NBC.  

       When he and Rosie O’Donnell got into a tiff while she was on the View, it was pure entertainment and comical.  The people seems to root for Trump.  

        I have to admit at first I was scared of Trump because of his big mouth.  I, at first wanted Dr. Ben Carson for President.  The reason was because he wasn’t part of the Established Republicans.  I have to admit, I like Trump more and more.  I like him because he isn’t a career politician.  I like him because he has a backbone, and is not afraid to stand up the fake news media and those in Washington.  I like that he isn’t afraid to break some rules to get the job the done.  He had done more for this country in the 2 years in office than any president since Ronald Reagan.  

       If he was a Democrat, I would probably still vote for him; because he wasn’t a career politician.  

       I heard people say that the problem is with our 2-party system.  That may be part of the problems; but the main problems is we need term limits to put a stop to these  career politicians.  

        Reagan wasn’t part of the Establishment either.  He also face opposition from both the Established Republicans and the Democrats.  He even faced opposition from the press as well.  

       We needed someone to stand up against those Leftist media and those career politicians in Washington.  

        If Trump was a Democrat, he wouldn’t faced the opposition with the fake mainstream news media and the with the Democrats.  He would be their best buddy.  

        Sure, the Fox news wouldn’t be happy with him and even the Republicans.  I don’t think they would go as far and illegally as the Democrats are going right now.  

        The difference between the Republicans and the Democrats is as simple as black and white.  The Republicans will use a more peaceful way of protesting.  They will also looks for ways that they can win the right way.   

       Whereas, the Democrats are more apt to moved to violence and spurns hate.  Remember, it was the Leftist Democrats, under the disguise of “hippies,” who violently protested the Vietnam War.  Those “hippies” had gotten older and now some of them are in Washington.  

         So you tell me if you can!  Is it Trump you hate or is it the Republican Party that you dislike?   Do you really have a ground to stand on with your hatred toward Trump?  Think about this!!

        I’m not saying that the Republicans Party is perfect, by no means.  There are some Republicans that needs to go in Washington.  

        The Democrats isn’t perfect either.  They still have Super Delegates.  That keeps any good candidates from actually running for office.  They also have some Socialist that I’m not happy with.  I’m not going to talk about them because that is a different blog.  

          So the next time you are spurting hate at President Trump, ask yourself if it’s warranted?  Where is that hatred coming from?  

        There are people who is so upset with these career politicians.  Yet when someone like Trump comes along, they turned their anger on him.  He is not a career politicians folks.  

         So put your anger where it really belong and with these career politicians, do not blame Trump.  He is only saying what the American people is angry at.  He wants to make America great again.  

         Our forefathers were afraid that our government would become too big.  That was why they put in the Constitution, that our politicians would not make a career out of being in Washington.  They will serve their terms and go back home and deals with the laws they made.  

       Too many of our politicians are bought off by these Lobbyist.  That also needs to stop.  The American people don’t have the voice they are supposed to because of these Lobbyist.  

        So once again, who do you hate more, President Trump, the Republicans, our career politicians, or  the news media?

        The news media now have a bad reputation right now.  They are as hated as our career politicians, the IRS, and telemarketer.  

        Instead of hating Trump for trying to make America great again; put that hate where it really belong.