Tips to be a Better Manager


Remember last week when I wrote how those who works retails and in the restaurant are the worst paying and least appreciated?  Not just from the customers who frequent the business; but also from the managers/owners.

In this blog I will be making reference to this book.  So in a way I’m promoting this book.  You can call it’s free advertisement.  I have read this book and found it’s very interesting.  I recommend anyone who is about to become a manager or is a manager to read this book first.  You might learn something.

First I want to say though.  Managers must learn to appreciate their workers.  We starve for the appreciation.  Don’t just say, “we appreciate you” and give them a piece of paper.  That is a joke, that is not very funny.

In a big corporation, the higher-up comes up with crazy ideas that never really works for the individual stores.  Yet they get paid the big bucks and the bonuses for an idea that will fail in the long run.  Managers who runs a local businesses, knows the business better than those in the higher-up position who makes those ideas.  They knows their employees better than these corporate heads.  At least they should!

A good manager works alongside their employees.  They don’t just sit in their ivory tower and make a list for their employees to follow.  Some managers even got bad handwritings; that is hard to decipher.  If you decipher wrong, you get yelled at.

A good manager takes the time to get to know their employees.  Yet they don’t show favoritism.  Favoritism is never good!

One of the things that will hurt a business is bad management.  Customers will know it because they will sense it in the employees.  If the employees is not happy, how can they satisfy the customers?

Don’t treat your employees like slaves!  Slavery been defeated after the Civil War around 1865.  You need to pay your help better and not take advantage of them.  Don’t assume that they are happy to do what you ask of them.

You know what assume mean?  Assume mean making an ass out of you and me both.

I have shirt that I bought while working at Kmart years ago that said, “Overwork and underpay.”  Believe me, that shirt fit Kmart.  We were overwork and underpay.  That is also with a lot of retails and restaurant workers as well.

Many companies know that the ability to find and keep talented employees is vital to sustain success, but managers don’t know how to keep their help satisfied.

Wouldn’t it be better to pay your helps and treat them better than to always be hiring for new help?  It will be cost-affected.

If you ever look at the want ads, jobs that is constantly looking for help, there must something wrong with management.  I can named a few businesses that is always looking for help; but I think you get the message.

Remember, this is why a good run business is prepared to go all out to keep their good employees.  Because every good managers knows the importance of keeping talented people on staff.  Yet all managers needs a little help to do this.

A good manager must be people oriented.  They have to be more interested in people than the bottom line.

If a company is bleeding people, they are bleeding values as well.

Let me ask you, what does a strong vibrant workplace look like?  What lies at the heart of a great workplace?  What attracts and keeps good employees?

Employees must have the proper tools to do the jobs that is required of them.  They must be recognize for the good job they do.

I actually believe if the employees has a stake in the business, they will do all they can to make it a success.  If they are not treated with respect, why bother.

If you treat your employees right, they will treat the customers right.

How do the best managers lay the foundation for a strong workplace?    Do they make the employees want to stay and give their all or do they treat them like slaves?

My Uncle Frank was tougher on his family who worked for him than with non-family members.

When I was a supervisor at Concordia, I tried to make it fun for the workers.  My goal was to get to know the workers working under me.

Managers do things right.  Leaders do the right thing.

Managers worked to teach the employees new skills.  If they don’t do that, what good are they?  Managers must also be willing to listen to suggestions from the employees as well.  Sometimes, their old ways of thinking may not work anymore.  Sometimes a workers may have a system that works best for them.

There are those in Washington and elsewhere who don’t like Trump because he doesn’t played by the rules.  They say that there are certain ways things must be done to get the job done.  I like him because he doesn’t play by the rules.  He knows that some rules are meant to be broken.  Some of the old rules in Washington doesn’t work anymore.

These career politicians are in Washington far too long that they actually forgot what the American people actually wants and needs.  They think they know, but they don’t.

It the same with managers.  The managers may think they know their employees but they are fooling themselves.

That is why it’s important to know your help better.  That is why a good manager must be willing to break some rules if a business is to succeed.  The head of the corporation don’t know; yet they make dumb rules thinking it’s for the best for the company.  Just like our career politicians make laws that is actually harmful for the country.   They think they know what is best but they actually don’t.

Don’t just take my words for it.  I asked to read the book at the top of this blog.  It’s very informative.  I only gave you small tidbits from the book.