Fresh Vegetables

Here is one of the reason I like this time of year, one of many.

Usually around July and August, a person can get some fresh vegetables either from the garden themselves or from a vegetable stand.

There is nothing like eating fresh vegetables right out of the garden.  Plus it is healthy eating.  But you still have to be careful.

In May, after around Mother’s Day, is the time to plant a garden; at least around here.  I’m not saying that it won’t freeze.  I’m just saying it’s almost a safe bet.

Planting a garden can be hard works; but the rewards is so much better in the end.  It is fun to work out in the garden and watches everything grows.  It may be hot outside.  You may even get a little dirty.  But dirt doesn’t hurt anyone!

Some of the peoples think that they had discovered organics vegetables.  I’m here to tell you that we always had organics vegetables.

There are people who put fertilizers and chemicals on the garden to help it grow and to keep the pest away.

Let me tell you: those chemicals in our pesticides and fertilizers is poison.  They makes the fruits and vegetables that we eat unhealthy and strictly bad for you.

The best fertilizer is true manure or none at all.  Growing up on the farm, my step-dad never bought those fertilizer.  He either used manure from the cattle or the chickens we had; or he didn’t used any fertilizer.  There was enough nutrition in the soil.  We never used pesticide to keeps the pest away.  We never sprayed that poison.  Sometimes, we will set traps to catch rabbits and gophers.

I have a cousin who has a compost for his garden.  That is another more natural way in planting a garden.

There is one thing I do agree with Al Gore and Global Warming, and that is all these chemicals that is put either in the ground when planting a garden or sprayed on our fruits and vegetables is actually causing a lot of damage to this planet.

When it rains, the chemicals runs off and into other areas to pollute.  There is a small lake in Rollag that is highly polluted because the farmers used fertilizer on their field and it had ran off into that lake, polluting it.  Even the Red River is polluted because of all the chemicals put into our soils and it runs into the river.  The strange thing is, we drink out of the Red River.  Sure, there is chemicals to purify the water we drink.  Yet it is still poison!

This is one of the reason I was against the Dakota Pipeline being built in North Dakota.  If that pipeline was to bust, the oil in it will pollute our soil so bad that farmers cannot plant a decent crop.  Remember, next time Sen. John Hoevan is up for reelection, he voted for the pipeline; so vote him out of office with a big old thanks for poisoning us.

People were healthier years ago when they ate fresh vegetables.  They didn’t have all the chemicals we now have.  I’m not saying they lived longer.  When they died, they died of a heart attack due to good old fashion hard work.

With all these poisons from the chemicals in the fertilizers and pesticides, no wonder we are becoming sick.  A lot of these poisons caused cancer.  People are becoming so immune to all preservative that they cannot fathom.  There is so much preservative in all of our food that we eat.  It’s downright unhealthy.

When you buy can vegetables in a store, they are so unhealthy.

I loved going out into the garden and getting fresh vegetables and just eating it right there.  I do not like cook peas that you buy in a can; because they are just too mushy.  Yet, I loved eating fresh peas from the garden.

When a person get some fresh vegetables from right out of the garden, just shake the dirt off and eat.  Some people think, you can’t do that.  You need to wash you food.  A little dirt doesn’t hurt anybody.  I’m still alive and healthy; and I had a little dirt on vegetables that I ate right out of the garden.

When you are fighting other animals for your fruits and vegetables, you know that you are eating good healthy food.

When you get zucchini from a garden they should be a decent size.  When you buy zucchini in a store, they are so small, it doesn’t pay.  Yet there are people who do not knows how to fix zucchini; so they buys them from the store rather than a vegetables stand.  They just don’t realize that zucchini gets to be big and long.  You can bake zucchini bread, fry, and sautéed.

I remember as a teenager, my mother would fixed BLT for lunch on Saturday with the fresh lettuce and tomatoes from the garden.  That was so delicious!  My mother would either canned or freeze the vegetables so that we can have fresh vegetables during the winter.  She would even can homemade vegetables soup.  Then during the winter, all she needed to do was add the meat or heat it up by itself.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Eating salads is good for you.  Yet when you add the salad dressing, that what makes it fattening.  I’m looking for other ways to eat salad at home without using salad dressing.  It’s hard because it needs some flavors.

I love this time of year because I can eat more fresh vegetables.  Yet I’m not limiting myself in eating healthy food.  I have been finding some organic food that I can fix and be healthy.  I have now ate Quinoa, couscous, and Tabouleh.  I even bought some Farro.  I’m not saying that I eat healthy everyday; but I’m working at it daily.  I even put 2 Tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of cold water.  That is suppose to help prevent kidney stones and help curb appetites.

So if you don’t have a garden check out your local vegetables stand.  Make sure the vegetables you buy isn’t sprayed with pesticides and there was no chemicals in the fertilizer.  Make sure that either the fertilizer was natural or none at all.

You want to eat healthy but you don’t want to eat poison that comes from our pesticides and fertilizer.  If the government wants to do something right, they should banned those pesticides and fertilizers.

Eat your vegetables!!  They are good for you as long as they don’t have these poison chemicals on them.  My mother always made sure that us kids ate our vegetables.  My real father hated when my mother bought me vegetables with my meal.

Kids who are reading this are going ewe.  Vegetables will help you grow big and strong.